“You saved me, Seulgi!” Oh Ji-young, the second cheerleader? ‘Cheer MVP’ even if you are blocked

Even if the enemy chief blocked the starting pitcher, he could not stop the fighting spirit.

On the 23rd, in the 4th round women’s match of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju, Pepper Savings Bank turned GS Caltex to a set score of 3-1 and drew a second win of the season.

With this, Pepper Savings Bank won its first win against Korea Expressway Corporation on December 31 of last year, 2 wins in total against GS Caltex in 24 days, and the first win of the season at home. 

Nia Reed scored the most points for both teams with 29 points (attack success rate 44.83%), Park Kyung-hyun 17 points, and Lee Han-bi 13 points, making the team 2 victories. 

Oh Ji-young did not play on this day according to the terms of the trade agreement between the two teams. At the time, coach Sang-Hyun Cha made the trade on the condition that Oh Ji-young not be sent to GS Caltex in the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds. Instead, Oh Ji-young became another main character in the warm-up zone cheering for her colleagues at the top of her voice. 

GS Caltex also couldn’t play from the last game due to a knee injury that occupied a large portion of the attack. Kang So-hui scored 22 points (attack success rate 43.38%), Yoo Seo-yeon 17 points, and Kwon Min-ji 13 points that day, but there was a big gap for Moma to solve a big blow.

The first set flowed into a close match, but in a situation where they were behind 16-19, Nia Reed’s back attack and Lee Go-eun’s serve ace burst in succession. When they were narrowly behind 23-24, Lee Han-bi made a deuce with a back attack. It was Lee Han-bi who finished it.

In the second set, the good flow of Pepper Savings Bank continued intact. In the second half, GS Caltex came up, and Suji Han turned the charter while the receive was shaking, but Pepper Savings Bank did not break. 

It was a close match every set, but GS Caltex was pushed back little by little in the fighting spirit to win even one more time. GS Caltex, who had a close lead in the third set, gave up the game to Lee Eun-ji’s serve ace in a 18-18 tie. 

This flow continued without breaking even in the fourth set. The appearance of the ‘lack of support’ that acting manager Lee Kyung-soo had been worried about had disappeared, and only the fighting spirit to try one more time remained despite the adverse conditions of injury and not playing as the starting Libero.  안전놀이터

Oh Ji-young did not appear on the court, but she served as the second cheerleader in the warm-up zone and boosted the morale of the team. When Seulgi Moon’s defense was successful, she shouted “You saved me, Seulgi, nice defense!”, and when Nia Reed failed to attack, she grumbled “that X” (?) full of affection, Park Kyung-hyun’s name. The scenes of people cheering with their voices bursting out while singing, and scenes of correcting Choi Ga-eun’s blocking posture were caught intact by the relay microphone, creating another interesting point to watch. 

She also showed off her senior’s excellent leadership by filling in her own vacancy and coming in with libero Kim Hae-bin and Moon Seul-gi hugging and hugging her. In particular, Seulgi Moon’s defensive form as a libero was remarkably stable compared to previous games.

On this day, Pepper Savings Bank’s warm-up zone was another extension of the court. 

The enemy coach, Cha, was one of the opponent’s main strategies and even made a condition to ban Oh Ji-young, who had been sent away from the team, aiming for an ‘easy’ 3 points, but rather ended up taking a big shot. 

Pepper Savings Bank, who finished 3rd and 4th in the league, will play the last game of the 4th round against Industrial Bank of Korea in Hwaseong on the 26th. 

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