Promoting Namyangju and Guri citizen football teams… “Goal to participate in the K4 League next year”

Reporter Kim Do-yoon = Gyeonggi Namyangju City and Guri City are promoting the establishment of a citizen football team this year.

When established in the two cities, the number of civil soccer teams in northern Gyeonggi Province will increase to six.

According to local governments on the 24th, Namyangju City is promoting the establishment of a citizen soccer team with the goal of participating in the K4 League next year.

Since last month, the feasibility of the establishment has been investigated, and a conclusion is expected to be made in April.

The results of the feasibility study for the establishment of the Guri Citizens Football Club will be released next month.

Guri City plans to complete the founding process this year, select players through an open test, and have them participate in the K4 League next year.

The two cities expect the citizen soccer team to promote the region, stimulate the economy, and help nurture soccer talent.

For this reason, many local governments have established or are interested in citizen soccer teams.

In particular, from this season, according to the policy of the Korea Football Association, the citizen soccer team became a corporation and gained operational independence and autonomy. 스포츠토토

Operating expenses can be raised through advertising, etc., without relying on local government finances.

In the case of Namyangju, a citizen soccer team was founded in 2008, but it was disbanded after not participating in the 2013 season due to financial problems.

Uijeongbu City promoted the establishment of a citizen football team in 2021, but it was canceled.

Currently, four civil football teams are active in northern Gyeonggi Province: Yangju, Paju, Pocheon, and Goyang.

Yangju and Paju Civic Soccer Team are participating in the K3 League, and Pocheon Civic Soccer Team won the K4 League in the 2021 season and was promoted to the K3 League last year. The Goyang KH soccer team also won the K4 League champion last year and will compete in the K3 League this year.

Pocheon city official said, ′′ the citizen soccer team will be operated autonomously as a corporation from this year ′′ and ′′ we need more citizen interest and support ′′ revealed.

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