‘Did you all follow me?’ 4th place Shinhan Bank “Higher up to 2nd place!”…The variable is ‘expedition’ 

 It seemed quite far away. She said ‘River of 3’, and she was 4th under it. Now, the 2nd to 4th places have become a ‘bundle’. Incheon Shinhan Bank followed suit. The game has changed. Shinhan Bank is looking at up to second place.

Shinhan Bank is currently in 4th place with 10 wins and 9 losses. It’s been 4th for quite some time. Instead, the gap with the teams above has narrowed. Samsung Life Insurance and BNK tied for second place with 11 wins and 8 losses. The ride is now one game. It’s right in the middle of the day.

At the beginning of the season, Woori Bank, BNK, and Samsung Life Insurance formed a ‘three-round’ structure. After that, Woori Bank became the ‘River 1’ as it went out, and BNK and Samsung Life Insurance struggled for second place. Shinhan Bank, which was only looking at it from a distance, came up with a ‘wormwood’.

It struggled at the beginning of the season as the composition of the members changed drastically. Sonia Kim, who plays the role of ‘ace’, and Jinyoung Kim, who emerged as the ‘main gun’ both inside and outside, all came ahead of this season. He suddenly transferred as an FA compensation player. The ball brought to free agency is also a newcomer. As the convocation of the national team overlapped, time was more scarce.

Director Gunathan lived with the words “breathing is out of sync.” Anything is possible when the team works organically. Even in the midst of that, I endured it to some extent, and the ‘chemistry’ is getting better as the round goes on. Naturally, performance improves. 스포츠토토

want to go higher The 4th place in the regular league plays the first round of the playoffs with the 1st place. If Shinhan Bank finishes in 4th place, it is highly likely to meet Woori Bank. want to avoid Coach Koo said, “I want to go to a higher place. The players are also asked to go beyond 3rd place and go higher to 2nd place. That will give you an advantage in the playoffs. If we place 4th, won’t we compete with Woori Bank?”

He continued, “Because we can finish in fourth place, we have to prepare to face Woori Bank. You have to do it differently from before to get a card to use. Young players are also actively trying to use it.” In fact, Shinhan Bank won 81-78 through a small lineup against Woori Bank on the 18th.

There are variables. It is a ‘place’. This season, 7 wins and 4 losses at home is good, but away is 3 wins and 5 losses, which is not good. It is a realistic version of the saying, ‘It’s hard to leave the house’. Coach Koo also said, “I am worried because there are more away games in the second half.” There are 4 home games and 7 away games left. It is no exaggeration to say that life and death depended on these seven games.

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