Wonyi, who stands out as the best star of the “Best Combination Reproduction,” said, “I will set a fun and different game, a good precedent.”

If the two work together, there is no way to stop it. It was the same at the championship game two years ago and the same was true at the All-Star game this time. It is a combination that cannot be achieved anymore, but this time, it showed off its powerful performance. Seoul SK Wyverns’ Jamil Warney took over the feast of the stars, forming an exquisite combination with Busan KCC’s Choi Joon-yong (aged 30).

Warney won the MVP award at the 2023-2024 All-Star Game held at Goyang Gymnasium on Sunday. Selected as the All-Star as the starting center of the Pupils’ team, Warney displayed all-round performance with 51 points, 14 rebounds, and eight assists. He led the Pupils’ scoring, and in particular, he hit three-point shots in overtime to seal the victory.라바카지노

It was possible because Choi Jun-yong met again. The two, who were the strongest duo until last season, dominated the court in the All-Star game wearing the same uniform. Warney and Choi Jun-yong’s unique two-on-two play couldn’t be more brilliant. With a strategy that could not be stopped, the coagul team beat the Cvlmont team 135-128.

Despite playing as a top-rated foreign player for four years, this is his first All-Star game. “I just watched the All-Star game on TV for four years. It was really different when I actually played it,” he said. “It was a great game with my former teammate Choi Jun-yong. I felt great and it was a different game. I spent several days hanging out with Choi even before the game.”

Up until the third quarter, the mood was festive. However, the mood changed due to bloodshed from the fourth quarter. “We had events before the fourth quarter, so it was hard to concentrate. In the fourth quarter, games continued without events in the middle of the game. Thanks to that, I was able to concentrate. That’s why I displayed good performance. I wanted to show good performance before winning,” he said in response to fans’ cheering for the star.

“I have been loved as a foreign player for four years. Although I have not been selected as an All-Star until now, I am fine and happy to be selected this time. I will take responsibility and work harder. I will set a good precedent as a foreign player,” he said, vowing to become the best in both skills and manners.

Meanwhile, KCC Lee Geun-hwi won the 3-point shoot contest with the All-Star Game. Suwon KT Paris Bath won the dunk contest.

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