“Sala buzzer-beater PK equalizer” Egypt drew 2-2 against ‘111st’ Mozambique… “Come quickly” Klopp’s wind comes true

Egypt, with Mohamed Salah at the forefront, narrowly avoided defeat against Mozambique, ranked 111th in the FIFA rankings.

Egypt managed to draw 2-2 with Salah’s theater penalty goal in the 7th minute of the second half of the extra time in the first Group B match of the 2023 African Football Confederation (CAF) Nations Cup against Mozambique at Stade Felix Upuevuani in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on the 15th (Korea time).

Egypt was expected to have a complete victory as the result of a showdown between 33rd and 111th in the FIFA rankings, but when it opened the lid, it revealed a completely different story. The team was on the verge of defeat as it continued to struggle throughout the 90 minutes. Had it not been for the equalizer in extra time in the second half, the biggest unexpected event could have occurred.

Egypt, which has the most wins (seven times), only gained one point to rank second. The top spot is Cabo Verde (three points), Mozambique is third, and Ghana is the lowest with zero points. The Nations Cup will be organized by four countries in six groups with 24 countries participating, with the first and second places in each group advancing directly to the round of 16 teams, while the top four teams among the third-ranked teams in each group advancing to the round of 16 teams. As Egypt failed to win against Mozambique, its weakest team, its schedule for the group league will be difficult.

Egypt played in a 4-3-3 formation. Mohamed Elshenaoui wore goalkeeper gloves. Mohammed Hani, Ahmed Hegazi, Mohammed Abdulmounim and Mohammed Hamdi made up the back four. Mohammed Elneni, Hamdi Fati and Ahmed Sayed made up the midfield. Salah, Mustafa Mohammed and Mahmoud Hasan competed in the front three.월카지노

Mozambique faced off in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Hernani Siluanne defended the goal. Heinildu Mandaba, Edmiusson Dove, Mexer, and Domingos Makanza defended. Gildo Bilanculos, Alphonse Amade, Guima, and Witty worked together in the midfield. Elias Gaspar played as an attacking midfielder, with Stanley Latifo at the front line.

Egypt was ahead as expected. Striker Mohammed scored the first goal in two minutes of the first half. Salah tried to lead the cross from the left side to a left-footed non-stop shot, but the ball flowed. Mohammed grabbed it and pushed it to the corner of the goal with a right-footed turning shot. Egypt seemed to win its first victory of the tournament smoothly.

Mozambique’s counterattack was strong, however. Egypt dominated the game with 6-4 occupancy ratio, but Mozambique’s counterattack was sharp. Egypt also ended the first half 1-0 as it failed to score another goal after bland attacks.

Egypt’s lead was broken 10 minutes into the second half. Mozambican midfielder Witty put his head right on a cross from the right side. Witty’s header stabbed Egypt’s lower right side of the goal. The goalkeeper hit it with his hand, but the ball had already crossed the goal line.

Mozambique, which gained momentum, succeeded in turning the tables. Replaced player Cletio Baucke created a perfect scoring opportunity and cut the net. After receiving a penetration pass from the midfield, he hit it hard and ran, and the Egyptian defense completely collapsed. In a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper, Baucke calmly shot between his legs with his right foot to score. Mozambique showed amazing determination by scoring only two shots on goal.

Egypt, which is in danger of falling victim to an extraordinary incident, has tried its best to tie the match. However, the shot was either wrong or blocked by the goalkeeper. At the end of the match, Fatih’s heel shot hit the post, which did not lead to luck.

Egypt had a golden opportunity in the 7th minute of extra time in the second half, when defeat was growing. Mohammed tripped over Mozambique’s defense in a competition for aerial balls in the box. A penalty kick was declared as a result of the VAR, and Salah, who played as a kicker, hit a left-footed shot. The ball hit the goal post and went into the goal.

Egypt, which barely balanced by Salah’s penalty, had to settle for a draw in its first game of the tournament.

“Egypt blushed. Salah scored the equalizer in the 97th minute to end the first Nations Cup match with Mozambique in a 2-2 draw,” the British Daily Mail reported.

The Sun reported that Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp would like Egypt’s draw. “Sala’s Egypt is shocked by Mozambique. Klopp will be a happy person,” The Sun said. “Klopp has never hidden his desire to see Egypt knocked out early.”

“It would be a lie if Salah wished him good luck. Personally, I wish he would play until the group stage, but that would be impossible,” Klopp said before leaving. “Egypt will continue to win. All I could say was ‘Good luck, come back healthy.'”

Attention is focusing on whether Egypt, which was scolded against 111th place in the FIFA rankings, will be able to increase its record of winning the most games to eight times or whether Salah’s early return to Liverpool will end.

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