Won Tae-in·Jeong Cheol-won·Kim Won-joong, for whom were the madang irons… ‘Need a round of applause’

Who was the madang iron for?

The Korean baseball team’s journey to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) has come to an end. Korea won 22-2 in the final Group B match against China held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 13th, and finished the group stage with 2 wins and 2 losses. However, he did not advance to the second round and packed up.

Compared to the disasters of previous international competitions, it was not that the batting line did not explode, but it was felt that there was no difficulty in operating the mound. In the forced march from Tucson to Gocheok to Osaka to Japan, the pitchers could hardly improve their condition. All of them were given official balls in advance and built up their bodies faster than usual, but it was not easy. Even the weather in Tucson was the worst.세븐 토토

Also unusual is that only five of the 15 pitchers are professional bullpens. There are 10 starting pitchers, but there is an opinion that it would have been difficult to adapt to the uniqueness of the WBC because the bullpen is not used to it. In the meantime, some of them were not in very good condition, and eventually coach Lee Kang-cheol relied on some players to operate the mound.

There are aspects that are unavoidable when holding an international competition. Won Tae-in, Jeong Cheol-won, and Kim Won-joong, who are in relatively good condition, had to pitch in 3 out of 4 group stage matches. Won Tae-in digested 81 pitches in 4⅓ innings, Jeong Cheol-won 33 pitches in 1⅓ innings, and Kim Won-jung digested 30 pitches in 1⅔ innings. In the case of Won Tae-in, considering that he played 27 pitches in 2 innings against the Hanshin Tigers on the 7th, it was 108 pitches in 4 games over 7 days. It was definitely overkill.

Cheolwon Jeong and Wonjoong Kim are professional bullpens. There is an aspect of getting used to digesting such a schedule by appearing in 3 games in 5 days. However, there was an unreasonable aspect in that it was not even in the season, and it was not yet in 100% condition.

Won Tae-in is a starting pitcher, but in fact he had the same schedule as a bullpen pitcher. He was the second pitcher for two games, and the final game as a starter. Of course, it seems that coach Lee took care of Won Tae-in and gave him 26 pitches in one inning, but Won Tae-in would not be accustomed to this schedule.

In fact, if the results are good, you will feel less tired and can go to the next schedule in a good mood. It is a national team that everyone has been prepared to struggle with, and they are players who are full of hearts to serve the country. However, as he was criticized by baseball fans for consecutive losses against Australia and Japan, his efforts had to be buried.

The results were not good, but baseball fans should know that Won Tae-in, Jeong Cheol-won, and Kim Won-jung worked hard in this tournament. they did their best

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