“I hope you do well and get good grades!” Koh Chan-hyeok and In Seung-chan came to support their alma mater, Kyunghee University

Ko Chan-hyeok and In Seung-chan visited their alma mater, Kyunghee University.

On the 13th, the opening game of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Seonseunggwan, a confrontation between Kyunghee University and Myongji University. Two familiar men were sitting on one side of the audience. They were Koh Chan-hyuk and In Seung-chan, who joined Anyang KGC and Wonju DB through early entry last year.

Ko Chan-hyuk said, “I’m still in the 4th year, so I haven’t graduated. Also, there was a class today (the 13th). He went to the gym to cheer on the players because it was the opening match and classes,” he said.메이저사이트

In Seung-chan said, “I haven’t graduated yet either. I was able to come to school today because the club was considerate. The date coincided with the opening match, so I came to cheer after watching the game,” he explained the reason for visiting the gym.

Had they not entered the pros through early entry, Koh Chan-hyeok and In Seung-chan would have played for Kyung Hee University that day. It would have been awkward to watch my classmates and juniors from the stands.

“If I hadn’t left the early entry, I wouldn’t have been running right now (laughs). The feeling is very new. I came to the pro first and felt sorry for my friends. It feels very strange.” Koh Chan-hyeok said:

In Seung-chan said, “If I had been at school, I would have made more memories with my classmates and juniors, but I looked ahead more. Friends meet while taking classes together at school. That’s why I don’t miss school.” He laughed.  

This season, Kyung Hee University is evaluated as having weakened even more. This is because Park Min-chae (Samsung), Cho Seung-won (Carrot), and Jeong Dong-ha, all seniors, graduated last year, and Ko Chan-hyuk and In Seung-chan turned pro a year early. On this day, Kyunghee University freshman Kim Soo-oh and Kim Seo-won will start. It is unusual for a freshman to be selected.

Koh Chan-hyuk said, “There is an evaluation that the power has weakened, but you can tell by opening the lid. And Kyung Hee University is a team whose defense is considered a strong point. I don’t think we have the power to be evaluated as a weak team to that extent.”

In Seung-chan also said, “I think the same. Even last year, we didn’t say our team was strong. But didn’t you advance to the quarterfinals? I believe that my classmates and juniors will do well without losing confidence.”

Lastly, Koh Chan-hyuk said, “It’s the opening match and it’s a very important time for the classmates. I hope you don’t get hurt and get good grades. My personal record is also good, so I want to go to the pros comfortably without worrying about it.”

In Seung-chan said, “Because it is the last step before my alumni come to pros, I hope they lead a good game. Then I think there will be good results in the rookie draft.” 

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