Choi Min-jung, who has a home party for Korean fans, deserves applause for the silver of tears

“I needed a break, but… Choi

Min-jeong (25, Seongnam City Hall) harvested two silver medals in the individual event and one silver medal in the team event at the KB Financial International Skating Union (ISU) World Short Track Championships 2023 held from the 10th to the 12th and finished the competition. .

In the individual event, he won silver medals in the 1000m and 1500m. The 1500m event held the previous day (11th) was the start. Choi Min-jung, who was unfortunately in second place after Shizaner Swielting (Netherlands) with a time of 2:31:448, challenged the gold medal hunt that she missed in the 1000m event that day.먹튀검증

Choi Min-jeong, who raced with Swheelting, Zandra Belzebourg (Netherlands), Courtney Saro, and Claudia Gagnon (Canada), started in lane 4 and showed her determination to jump from 4th to 2nd at the end of the race. However, in the end, she fell short of winning the gold medal as she was unable to catch Belzebourg (1:29:361).

Choi Min-jeong, who left behind her regret with her silver medal two days in a row, shed tears of regret in an interview conducted after finishing her individual events. “There were regrettable parts and parts that could not be helped. He expressed his feelings, saying, “I will have to accept this well and do well again,” and cried, saying, “I wanted to show as much as I prepared, but the results did not come out as much as I expected and cheered for.”

“There were no health problems. You have to find the problem in skating and tactics,” analyzed Pain. He also added his will to adapt to the changes in overall skating and flow that he experienced throughout the season. He said, “Rather than changing right away, we will have to take more time,” and “It will be a new challenge.”

This is Choi Min-jung, who worked hard in the women’s 3000m event to soothe her disappointment in the individual event. But even in the relay she had to be content with her silver medal with a time of 4:09.151. Choi Min-jeong, along with Kim Kun-hee, Kim Gil-li, and Shim Suk-hee, competed against the Netherlands, Canada and Italy.

Korea was in the top ranks from the beginning and raced, but was pushed out of the ranking competition with the Netherlands. A touch mistake with 5 laps left caught my ankle. She showed a last-ditch effort, but her gold medal recaptured was not enough.

Choi Min-Jeong finalized this World Championships with her three silver medals. He said, “After the (2022 Beijing Winter) Olympics, I actually wanted to rest. However, since it is a tournament held in Korea, he wanted to show Korean fans a fun game,” he explained, explaining the background of his determination to participate. As he said, this World Championship was held in Korea for the first time in 7 years since the 2016 Seoul Games.

With hot tears, he said, “I tried a lot, but the result is a little disappointing. I will accept this and use this opportunity as an opportunity for change.”

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