The experience of building up one by one… Korean baseball lights up hope

One of the long-standing challenges of Korean baseball is generational change. In the past, he displayed his extraordinary presence on big stages. Examples include the 2008 Beijing Olympics (gold medal), and the 1st and 2nd World Baseball Classic (WBC, semifinal, runner-up). From a certain point on, the lights gradually weakened. While the competitors were leading by a margin, Korea repeatedly stood still. The team failed to find a new face to keep the existing resources on edge. The results revealed that it was a disastrous result, as it ranked fourth in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was eliminated in the group league for three consecutive WBC games.룸알바

He drew his sword. He started with the Hangzhou Asian Games. He put forward a much younger national team. Except for two wild cards, most of them were young blood. He achieved his desired goal. He won a gold medal, achieving his fourth consecutive victory. He continued to accelerate further. He maintained the same stance through the Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) and the Seoul Series Special Match of the Major League World Tour. “I chose only young players,” said Ryu Joong-il, who served as the former coach.

It is a catalyst for their growth. It is meaningful in itself to take on world-class players on a big stage. They feel and learn a lot from themselves. “The AG winners will do really well in baseball this year. It gave me a chance to take pride in my experience,” Ryu Joong-il said. While playing games against the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ryu said, “Whether I play well or not, playing with the best players will be a great experience. More than half of them will play in the Premier 12 in November this year.”

He draws the rough draft step by step. As a starter at the game against San Diego, Moon showed signs of change including four walks in the first inning. He allowed only one run during the two innings. The maximum speed of his fastball was recorded at 155 kilometers. Batters who only watched him on TV could be nervous, but he rather showed strong nerves, saying that he should have been more nervous in the game. Won Tae-in, Shin Min-hyuk, and Choi Jun-yong also threw their pitches. As Ryu Joong-il sees it, the hope is on until the 2026 WBC and 2028 LA Olympics.

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