Thick Debs… Flower Director, I think it’s a flower road

A question about Lee Bum-ho’s nickname came up in the KIA dugout before the game. Lee is changing his nickname from “Kkot Bum-ho” to “Kkotch Manager” while taking the helm of Kia. It can be uncomfortable for a manager who has to weigh the weight at times when the word “flower” comes along like a prefix. “I like it,” however, Lee said as soon as he was told, “There is no reason not to refuse it as long as I can make the team feel better.”유흥알바

Coach Lee Bum-ho was promoted from a batting coach to a coach during the Melbourne camp in Australia in February. So far, he has demonstrated his “brother’s leadership” and is creating a trend in which each player can voluntarily show motivation and enthusiasm. The team atmosphere is being created where the head coach is known as a “flower coach” and it is not awkward at all to be in the media.

The conditions under which Kia will maintain its bright atmosphere even after the opening of the season depend on the depth it has prepared throughout the winter. When the depth was in full bloom, which was weak last year, Kia will likely be able to close to its original goal.

Kia is known as a favorite in this season’s lineup. Last year, I vividly experienced how strong Kia can become with its best lineup. Starting with the game against the Suwon KT on August 24 last year, Kia had nine consecutive wins through the game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on September 6. Key players such as Kim Do-young, Park Chan-ho, Na Sung-bum, Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates were on fire.

However, Park Chan-ho, Na Sung-bum, Choi Hyung-woo and Choi Won-joon all experienced gaps in their injury due to string injuries to the fielders, before collapsing. The team’s goal to rank third but ended the season in sixth place.

This is where the KIA race will be decided this year. “There is a depth that I can go after one season,” Lee said. The first priority is that extreme situations do not come out again like last year. However, injuries to main players in any team often occur. Lee’s own assessment is that he has secured a card to withstand unexpected situations.

For example, Seo Geon-chang (second baseman), who left LG and transferred to the team under the basic framework of Park Chan-ho (striker), Kim Do-young (third baseman), Kim Sun-bin (second baseman), and Lee Woo-sung (first baseman), and Yoon Do-hyun (second baseman, third baseman), who received “Kim Do-young-class” attention at camp, will hold on. In addition, Choi Won-joon (left fielder), Socrates (center fielder), and Na Sung-bum (right fielder) are in the outfield, while Lee Chang-jin and Kim Ho-ryeong are joining the team as strong backups.

Kia is classified as a strong team in this season. The growing regret over its sixth starting pitcher, who will support the five starting pitchers, is also apparently due to a relatively reduced number of concerns over the depth of other teams.

“If the team is in a good mood…” Lee said repeatedly. With the topic of “Debs,” the team also exudes confidence based on its teamwork. Will Kia take the “flower path” this season? The “flower coach” made a meaningful face while organizing related conversations, and then slightly smiled like a spring flower.

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