Police Arrest’ Reporter Oh Jae-won Claims “We’ve been taking drugs together since 2022.”

A reporter of former baseball player Oh Jae-won, who was arrested by police on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act, claimed that he and Oh Jae-won had administered drugs since 2022.

Earlier on the 10th, MHN Sports exclusively reported that Oh Jae-won was investigated by the police for taking drugs. According to this newspaper’s report at the time, the police were investigated after voluntarily accompanying Oh Jae-won to the police station from somewhere in the early morning of the same day after receiving a report that he had taken drugs.유흥알바

The report was reportedly made by A, a woman who was with Oh Jae-won. At the time, A stated in a police investigation that he and Oh Jae-won took drugs.

According to A, “I turned myself in what I did with Oh Jae-won from 2022 to the latest.”

Regarding additional questions in this paper regarding drugs, he said, “I’m cautious to say that because I’m under police investigation.”

However, Oh Jae-won and A reportedly tested negative in a simple drug reagent test conducted at the police station.

Oh Jae-won said in a phone call with this reporter, “It’s a ridiculous story,” adding, “I have nothing to say.”

Meanwhile, the police additionally confirmed the clues of Oh Jae-won’s drug administration, obtained an arrest warrant, and secured a recruit on the same day.

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