The big meaning of Yeom Ga-ryang means ‘Minsu as Min-sung’, second base on the first and third bases, and even a shortstop → ‘Just in case’ preparing to go to Austin Japan

Kim Min-sung, who covered the entire infield position, left for Lotte Giants.

It’s good that he left on better terms for Kim Min-sung, but it’s regrettable that a strong veteran left for the LG Twins. Still, LG has Lee Young-bin, who will be discharged from the management in July, in Son Ho-young, Kim Joo-sung and Koo Bon-hyuk, and there are many prospects to raise Kim Min-soo, who was brought in for Kim Min-sung.헤라카지노

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed his intention to raise Kim Min-soo, who was brought in instead of Kim Min-sung, as the second Kim Min-sung.

“I think Kim Min-soo will be able to show his good self when he was (Kim) Min-sung was good if he grows up well,” manager Yeom said while departing for Arizona, the U.S., the spring camp site, on the 26th. “I’m not a home run hitter, but I also have power.”

Kim Min-soo is an infield prospect who graduated from Jemulpo High School and joined the team as the 13th choice in the second round of the second round in 2017. He played 82 games in 2021, recording a batting average of 241 (48 hits in 199 at-bats) with three homers and 25 RBIs, and in 2022 he played 57 games with a batting average of 257 (36 hits in 140 at-bats) with 11 RBIs.

Last year, he played in only 25 games and posted a batting average of 209 (nine hits in 43 times at bat) with only two RBIs. In the Futures League, he played in 56 games and posted a batting average of 331 (nine hits in 178 times at bat), seven homers and 35 RBIs.

His main position is third baseman, and he alternates between first and second basemen. On top of that, he has experience as a second baseman and shortstop.

Therefore, Yeom was thinking of having all positions like Kim Min-sung. “Kim Min-soo can play first and third bases anytime, so I will train a lot of shortstop and second baseman at the camp,” Yeom said. “I am thinking of filling in the basic base and giving him a chance like Min-sung.”

Right now, LG Twins is clearly scheduled to play key infielders including Austin Dean, first baseman Shin Min-jae, third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, and shortstop Oh Ji-hwan. For now, veteran Oh Ji-hwan needs to be backed up.

“There is a difference between Lee Young-bin preparing alone after Oh Ji-hwan and other players preparing together. If Lee fails, there will be no next card. Kim Min-soo also said, “I will think about it after Oh Ji-hwan.”

We are preparing just in case. “We need to think about Austin Dean leaving. If Austin does well this year, he could go to the Major League or the Japanese league. We need to prepare for that, too,” Yeom said.

LG said Kim Min-soo was a former youth representative and completed his military service at the National Police Agency, and as an infielder with great strength in hitting, he was judged to be a promising player with excellent handling and compliance throwing ability.

With Kim Min-sung out, LG’s infield backup began. Kim Min-soo also enters the competition immediately.

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