“All I can hear is gasps.” Monster Holan has crazy horse thighs, the best in the world for a reason

It’s a tremendous muscle that only makes a ‘huck’ sound.

Sports magazine 433 unveiled Monday (Korea time) Elling Holan, a “monster striker” in Manchester City, England, focusing on team training. What stood out was Holan’s incredible thigh muscles. Even at a glance, he looked solid. The media expressed their admiration with emoticons of his muscles and facial expressions that make him look surprised.토토사이트

Hallan’s incredible thigh muscles. This is simple and solid proof that he has overcome harsh training and put everything into it. Even at the young age of 24, he has a reason to play as the world’s best striker.

Earlier, Hollande showed his passion for soccer through interviews several times. As a result, he quickly became a world class player.

This season, Hollande had 14 goals and four assists in 15 Premier League matches. In terms of goalscoring, he tied for first in the league with Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. Despite a hard time due to injury, Hollande is still at the top of the scoring list. After winning the top scorer last season, Hollande will try again to become the EPL’s top scorer this season.

Soccer fans were also surprised by Hallan’s thigh muscles and expected his return.

Norwegian striker Hollande has been sidelined for more than a month after the Aston Villa match in December last year due to injury. He returned to his team’s training after rehabilitation. He is also set to make a comeback. He will likely be a great help to Manchester City’s challenge to win the title.

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