Withdrawal from the Players’ Association Sasaki, will he be able to advance to MLB next year?

Loki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte), who expressed his strong will to enter the U.S., also showed great interest in major league dot-coms.월카지노주소

Thomas Harrigan of the Major League dot-com highlighted Sasaki’s moves in an article titled “Sasaki repeats his desire to play in the Major League, but how soon can he come?” Sasaki showed his desire to play in the Major League after signing a one-year contract with his team.

Sasaki’s high aspirations are also being paid keen attention to major league dot-coms. First of all, Sasaki answered a question about his future plans, saying, “It is important to play well in the upcoming season.” The problem is that the posting itself must be followed by the permission of his club, so there is no law that the same thing should not happen next year. I can allow him to advance to the Major League next season, but the situation is tough.

Sasaki watched Yoshinobu Yamamoto move to the Major League in December last year when he signed a 12-year contract worth a total of $325 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The posting fee for a mechatone-class contract was also 50.6 million dollars, an all-time high. Both the players and the club were satisfied with the contract.

Sasaki, who is three years younger than Yamamoto, must be an all-time prospect in many ways. However, it is quite unclear whether he will be able to advance to the Major League next year as Sasaki wishes. This is because of the limited size of the contract. If it is posted before the age of 25, it is not possible to achieve a megaton-level deal like Yamamoto. Players under the age of 25 who have not played in Japanese professional baseball for six years are capped at the size of the contract according to MLB’s full international amateur signing bonus regulations. Therefore, it is not easy for the team to achieve satisfactory results in terms of posting costs and contract size.

Shohei Ohtani could not be free from the same rules. The Los Angeles Angels acquired Ohtani for $2.135 million and only after six years of Major League Baseball service time had he signed a 10-year megaton contract worth $700 million.

Sasaki completed the NPB’s youngest perfect game with 19 strikeouts against the Orix in the 2022 season, and last year, he played just 91 innings due to an internal abdominal injury, but he had 135 strikeouts, 17 walks and a 1.78 ERA.

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