‘Thank you LIV’ PGA Tour prize money soars thanks to ‘money for money’

The PGA Tour was very nervous about the Saudi Arabia-backed launch of LIV. The top rankers left one by one.

Special measures were needed. The defectors were not allowed to participate in the PGA Tour.

However, it could not be a fundamental solution.

Eventually, the PGA Tour pulled out a card called ‘money for money’. The PGA Tour set the total prize money for 47 tournaments this season at $428.6 billion. 메이저사이트

This surpasses LIV, which has $405 million at stake across 14 events in terms of total.

The total prize money for the Phoenix Open, which will be held in Phoenix this week, has also increased significantly. Last year, it was 8.2 million dollars, but this year, it more than doubled to 20 million dollars (about 25.09 billion won). If you win, you will get 3.6 million dollars (about 4.5 billion won).

PGA Tour players no longer have to go to LIV.

The PGA Tour has designated 17 events in the 2022-2023 season as “special events”. The 17 tournaments consisted of four major tournaments, the Players Championship, called the ‘fifth major’, three FedEx Cup playoff tournaments on the PGA Tour, and nine general tournaments. Almost all of these tournaments are $20 million or more.

Now, there is no reason to switch to LIV. There could be a skit in which LIV players return to the PGA.

After all, the PGA Tour proves that money is the greatest ‘virtue’ in capitalism.

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