“When I see Kim Min-jae, I get motivated… I want to win” Beyond the rookie award… Kim Jun-woo’s hot heart

“Kim Min-jae is young, but he’s really good. I don’t want to fall behind either.”

The rookie middle blocker is making an unexpected big success. The command tower also started firing in support, saying, “Isn’t this the best rookie of the year?”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won a come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3-2 in the Korean Air match held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 7th.

Kim Jun-woo scored 11 points, including 3 blocks, behind Ikbairi (34 points) and Kim Jeong-ho (19 points). He is a valuable player for Samsung Fire & Marine, whose blocking height is not high.

Kim Jun-woo, who met after the match, smiled broadly, saying, “It is meaningful to be able to continue our winning streak by winning against the first place team.” Lee Ho-gun said, “It was burdensome until the 2nd set, but before the 3rd set, the coach and the players said, ‘Let’s just do it’ and jumped one step further and had fun. Thanks to that, good results came out.”

He also said, “Until last year, it was burdensome and scary to use fast attacks, but this year, the coach trusts me and I do it with confidence, so it goes well.” In response, Kim Jun-woo of ‘Speed ​​Attacker’ replied, “(Lee) Ho-gun and I didn’t get along well at first, but as we talked more and more, I believed that the ball would come in front of me and floated.”

The help of the command tower, who was a legendary middle blocker, was also great. Kim Jun-woo said, “I gave up all my habits in college and the coach made me a new person. The coach has a scary side to me, but…Thanks to what he said a lot, it was a big help. I will learn even more detailed things in the future to become a better player.” 먹튀검증

Korean Air’s Kim Min-jae is the next-generation middle blocker that is receiving the most attention. Two years after his debut, he became the main middle blocker, beating seniors such as Lee Soo-Hwang, Jin-Ji-Wi, and Cho Jae-Young. On this day, he also scored 13 points with an attack success rate of 81.8% including 4 blocks.

Kim Jun-woo said, “It would be a lie if I said there was no stimulation. I always thought that I wanted to win when we met.” I will study so that I can catch it,” he stressed.

The competition for the rookie award this season has been narrowed down to a two-way match between Kim Jun-woo and Hyundai Capital Lee Hyun-seung. Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “These days, rookies need to stay for three years to develop their performance, but Kim Jun-woo is quick to adapt. Volleyball is increasing gradually. As he experienced success, his mentality became stronger. The middle blocker is a really difficult position.” When I look at my record, I don’t think I’m a target for comparison until now. If it goes like now, the newcomer who stands out the most is definitely Kim Jun-woo.” Kim Jun-woo also did not hide his greed.

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