Armed with your own color… Breaking players prepare for the Asian Games

Breaking, which is well known as ‘break dance’, will debut as an official event at the Asian Games in Hangzhou this fall.

Our country’s national breaking team players are working hard on training with a trembling heart and preparing their secret weapon.

Reporter Park Ji-woon met the players.


Breaking national team players perform dynamic dance moves to the powerful hip-hop beat.

In order to not only get good grades, but also to show a great performance to the public, we are focusing on physical training and dancing practice.

I’m sweating every day, but I’m worried about the negative gaze towards unfamiliar sports.

<Kim Heon-woo/Breaking National Representative> “You may think of dance as a genre that is not in the spirit of sports, but I have been dancing for a long time and thought it had great charm and potential value.”

I am still confused about wearing the Taegeuk mark.

<Jeon Ji-ye / Breaking National Team> “I think I will be given the opportunity to go there while watching during the Olympic season. I never thought I would be like that while dancing all my life…”

As the dance styles became more and more similar and the skills of competitors from competing countries were leveled, I felt confident. We are investing intensively in creating choreography with our own unique color. 스포츠토토

<Kim Hun-woo / Breaking National Representative> “I think that a dancer with clear creativity has a really important height. So that we can show a dance that can show rarity value in a dance similar to this…” <Jeon Ji-ye / Breaking National

Representative> “Floor I do a lot of research on (stage) stuff. I have my own Signature Freeze, and when it comes to this freeze, ah, this freeze is all about it, I made a freeze like this

… It was adopted as an official sport at the Asian Games in Hangzhou and the Paris Olympics next year.

In Korea, a ‘breaking powerhouse’, 4 players, 2 males and 2 females, including them, will participate in the gold medal hunt.

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