Bucheon recruits Brazilian midfielder Vasani for “attack key point,” saying, “Everything in Bucheon is so good.”

Bucheon FC1995 (Bucheon Mayor Cho Yong-ik, hereinafter referred to as Bucheon) has recruited RODRI GO BASANI DA CRUZ to reinforce its offense. As a result, Basani will wear the uniform of Bucheon in the 2024 season.랭크카지노주소

Vasani, a native of Brazil, made his debut with Ituanu FC in the Brazilian league and played in Mexican and Belgian leagues. He is an aggressive midfielder who dribbles daredevilly. His left foot kick ability, which has wide range of activities, is also considered his strength.

Basani made his K-League debut with Suwon Samsung, which he moved to on loan in the 2023 season. With three points and one assist in 22 appearances in the 2023 season, Basani made his K-League debut goal in five league games, showing his presence. Since then, he has continued his performance by displaying his sharp left-footed keypass and shooting ability.

“I have been watching Basani for a long time and have been interested in recruiting him. Basani is a player with excellent personal skills and passing skills. I think he is a player who can be the key point of our team’s offense this season,” coach Lee Young-min said, expressing his feelings about recruitment.

Basani, who joined Bucheon, said, “I’m so happy to join Bucheon. I haven’t spent a long time together yet, but I love everything about the team called Bucheon and the players in Bucheon. I feel confident that we can prepare well together and have a good season in 2024.”

Meanwhile, Basani is currently participating in the first winter training with the team in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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