Rojas is back. “To me, KT is like a family.”

The professional baseball KT Wiz has been training at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang, Busan since the 1st. The other nine clubs set up spring camps in the U.S., Australia, and Japan ahead of the season’s opening, but KT chose Gijang, which has good accommodation facilities and no burden of moving, as its off-season training site.헤라카지노

After training here, KT achieved good results. In 2021, when KT set up its first spring camp in Korea due to the aftermath of COVID-19, it won both the pennant race and the Korean Series after spending more than a month in the captaincy. It was the first overall victory of the youngest team who joined the first division in 2015. KT, which failed to overcome the barrier of the LG Twins in last year’s Korean Series, is sweating profusely here based on its experience.

When I recently visited KT’s spring camp, I noticed foreign player Mel Rojas Jr. (34) of the U.S. The slugger who played for KT from 2017 to 2020. As an outfielder, Rojas has never missed a batting average of .300 during his four years with KT. Notably, in 2020, he was named MVP along with the four-time leading hitter (homer, RBI, score, and slugging percentage) who posted a batting average of .349 with 47 homers, 135 RBIs, 116 runs batted in, and 0.680 in 142 games.

Rojas left for the Hanshin Tigers of the Japanese pro baseball league (NPB) and returned to Korea in December last year when he renewed his contract with KT. “It’s been almost four years, but I feel like I’m back home,” Rojas said. “To me, KT is more like a family than just a team. My teammates treat me as comfortable as before.” Rojas, who played for KT, has struggled in recent years. In 2021 and 2022, he was released after a batting average that was in the low-20s, and then moved to the Mexican league and the Dominican Republic Winter League.

“In Japan, foreign players were delayed in joining the spring camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rojas said. “It was not easy to adjust to the situation,” he said. “However, I think it was the ‘big picture’ to return to KT that had been sluggish so far.” KT manager Lee Kang-chul (58) said he was good at rushing around, but he didn’t dislike it.

Expectations are also high for the meeting between LOHAS and Park Byung-ho, respectively, who won the home run champion title six times (2012-2015, 2019 and 2022). It is the first time that he has been playing for KT since 2021. “I am on the same team as Park for the first time, and he is providing so much help to me,” LOHAS said. “I am second to none when it comes to centerline batting. Personally, I am thinking about a nickname tailored to the centerline that can give a strong impression to the opponent.”

KT won the combined title in 2021, shortly after LOHAS left. LOHAS confessed that he felt complicated and subtle after hearing the news in a foreign country. “I had mixed emotions when I heard the news. I was proud of my teammates who overcame difficulties to win the combined title, but I also felt sorry that ‘why am I not there?'” LOHAS said. “I think KT will be able to win the combined title this year. I will do my best to come out on top with my teammates.”

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