“Baseball players are not answering their calls.” He’s blocking controversy in advance. “I want to announce it even during the Lunar New Year holidays,” said Shim Jae-hak, head of the team who visits Gwangju and cannot visit Australia.

Ten teams are holding spring camps in the U.S., Australia, Japan and Korea to temper their bid for the championship. However, baseball fans are paying keen attention to Gwangju. Attention is focusing on who will be the new manager of the Kia Tigers.월카지노

Kia Tigers dismissed Kim Jong-kook as it judged it would be difficult to lead the team this season after the prosecution investigated him for allegedly committing malpractice. It was a rare situation where the team had spring camps without a manager.

We wonder whether Kim is innocent or not, but we can’t help but wonder who will lead Kia right away. It is an important time to select the first and second teams based on players’ training, and to prepare for this season without a manager who has to decide on the starting lineup, backup and assignment positions, and it is not easy for Kia to prepare for this season. The situation is still better now, as it focuses on technical training. The coach should be decided before the second spring camp in Okinawa, which begins at the latest in practice matches.

This is why baseball players and fans are paying keen attention to KIA’s general manager Shim Jae-hak. I met with Kia’s general manager Shim at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on Sunday, and while we were talking, Choi Joon-young called me and talked on the phone for a while.

“We need to bring a good person, but we are in a hurry as the timing is the right time,” Shim said. “We need to be cautious, but we need to proceed quickly to stabilize the team.”

The candidates have been selected to some extent and are being verified in depth. It is also true that the concerns are deeper because it is “win now” in terms of team history. We are considering bringing in a coach with proven experience and promoting a coach who knows the internal situation of the team from various angles, but we cannot decide prematurely because there are pros and cons.

“There are items set by the club, and there are standards accordingly,” general manager Shim said. “If there is a candidate who meets all of those standards, you can choose him, but unfortunately, there was no such candidate. If one part was met, the other part was a little lacking.”

They are not answering any calls from baseball players. This is because conversations can be leaked out or rumors can spread differently from the actual contents.

The Lunar New Year holiday is coming soon. The appointment of a coach may be delayed that much. “If I agree with you, I would like to announce it right away even during the Lunar New Year holiday,” said Shim.

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