“Korean fans are a huge crowd + a present for the danso.” fans are saying, “Please go far”… “Entering Korea.” “Temperature difference toward Lingard.”

Korean and British fans’ reactions to Jesse Lingard, who entered Korea, are quite different.

Lingard entered Korea from London through Incheon International Airport on the 5th and appeared in front of Korean soccer fans.토토사이트

Earlier on the 2nd, Lingard surprised fans when a British Sky Sports report announced the imminent transfer to FC Seoul. Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market, also said, “Lingard received an official offer from FC Seoul. The two-year contract has been confirmed and ready. Lingard has prepared to leave for Korea next week to complete the visit and transfer of the club,” and once again confirmed that he entered the country on the 5th and entered the final stage of the transfer process.

Fans at the airport cheered for Lingard. He smiled at fans despite his tired appearance during the long flight. He offered fan service by taking autographs and photos, and one fan was seen giving him a Danso as a gift to match Lingard’s nickname, “The Fifer.” Fans welcomed Lingard’s visit to Korea, chasing him until he left the airport.

After arriving at the airport, Lingard plans to begin the process of completing his transfer to FC Seoul from Korea. Having verbally agreed on a contract with Seoul, Lingard will undergo a medical test on July 7, and if there is no problem in his physical condition, he will complete the transfer through a press conference on August 8. Afterwards, he will move to Kagoshima, Japan, and participate in the off-season training at FC Seoul.

Jesse Lingard, who is certain to join FC Seoul, arrived at Incheon International Airport on Saturday. He is greeting his fans. Incheon International Airport = Reporter Huh Sang-wook.com/2024.02.05/
However, contrary to the reactions of Korean fans, the reaction of British fans to the news of Lingard’s imminent transfer to the K-League and his arrival in Korea was cold. When the Daily Mail reported Lingard’s trip to Korea, some fans criticized him, saying, “Sadly, it’s not North Korea,” “Why do you get so many opportunities? His career tells him to avoid him,” “It shows that his greed eventually made him abandon and wander,” and “I hope he will stay away from us.” A few fans expressed their opinions, “Good luck,” but criticism prevailed.

Lingard was also a player who was liked and disliked by fans even when he was playing in England. He was mentioned as the center of the team during his best days at Manchester United, but he was also criticized for his downward trend.

The most criticized period was after playing for West Ham. Lingard, whose contract with Manchester United expired ahead of the 2022-2023 season, considered several destinations. West Ham, where he played a lot on loan, was also nominated. However, Lingard chose Nottingham Forest over West Ham. West Ham fans criticized him for his choice, saying it was based on money such as weekly wages. In the match between Nottingham and West Ham, some West Ham fans mocked Lingard by splashing fake money.

Jesse Lingard has arrived in Korea. Lingard has received a lot of attention recently along with the news of his imminent transfer to FC Seoul. Unable to find a team after the 2022-2023 season, Lingard chose to go to Korea over the interests of Saudi Arabia and several other clubs. Lingard, who has arrived in Korea, will begin the process of completing his transfer to FC Seoul. Korean fans also cheered and paid keen attention to his visit. AFP Yonhap News

However, it is not that special that the news of Lingard’s imminent transfer to FC Seoul is full of surprises for Korean fans, unlike the British fans who closely watched and criticized him. Given his career, moving to the K-League is a surprising choice.

Lingard, a former member of Manchester United’s youth team, played in Manchester United’s first team from the 2015-2016 season. During his seven seasons, Lingard played 231 games and recorded 35 goals and 21 assists. He was a multiplayer, who can handle both sides as well as central and offensive midfielders, and provided ample help to Manchester United. In particular, the 2017-2018 season was the highest point. He played in 48 official matches, including 33 league matches, and scored 13 goals and seven assists, playing an active part in Manchester United’s offense. Some media even compared Lingard to Park Ji-sung.

However, Lingard’s position at Manchester United gradually narrowed. However, from the 2018-2019 season, the number of starts decreased due to injury and performance issues, and the trend was on the decline. He lost his position in the team with 22 league games and only nine starting games in the 2019-2020 season, and had to leave West Ham on loan in the 2020-2021 season. At West Ham, Lingard seemed to be signaling a revival again. However, West Ham failed to sign a complete transfer contract with Lingard.

After moving to Nottingham, Lingard had to leave the English Premier League due to recession again. Nottingham also had high expectations for Lingard by paying him 200,000 pounds a week. His performance, however, was dismal. During his 17 matches in the league, he had zero goals and zero assists and not a single point for attack. He only had two goals and two assists in the League Cup.

Global sports media The Athletic, which lost its position, had difficulty finding Lingard’s team enough to refer to him as a “football player who does not play soccer.”

Jesse Lingard has entered Korea. Lingard has received a lot of attention recently along with the news of his imminent transfer to FC Seoul.

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