Referee who ruined Brighton’s game is out of VAR spot for big midweek match

The problem with the English Premier League (EPL) referees continues.

Howard Webb, president of PGMOL, England, recently called an emergency referee. This is because there were two misjudgments in the 23rd round of the last league match. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported that “President Webb summoned all referees to Stockley Park after two embarrassing video review (VAR) mistakes.”

First of all, Ivan Tony’s equalizer scene in the 29th minute of the second half in the first game between Arsenal and Brentford was a problem. At that time, after the goal was scored, a VAR reading was conducted, but it was recognized as a goal. However, after the game was over, it was pointed out that Neergard’s position, which helped Tony score, was offside. 먹튀검증

A misjudgment also occurred in the match between Brighton and Crystal Palace. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Pervis Estupinyan’s opening goal allowed Brighton to score the opening goal. However, as a result of the VAR review, Estupinjan’s position was judged to be on the offside line, and the goal was disallowed. However, it was discovered after the match that it was not offside. The VAR referee drew the line incorrectly based on the defender in front of him, not the final defender.

Eventually, he admitted his mistake. PGMOL confirmed: “President Webb contacted Arsenal and Brighton on Saturday and confirmed that he had acknowledged and explained significant errors in VAR procedures in their respective EPL matches. Both incidents of human error related to the analysis of offside situations are being thoroughly reviewed by PGMOL.” revealed

Afterwards, special training was conducted to minimize nausea. Chairman Webb convened all the referees, discussed what the whole story of the case was, and even reviewed whether to take disciplinary action.

First, referee John Brooks, who was in charge of the match between Brighton and Palace, was disciplined. Brooks will not be in charge of Arsenal and Manchester City and Liverpool and Everton matches scheduled for midweek. Arsenal and Man City are teams competing fiercely for the lead this season, and Liverpool and Everton are considered the best rivals in the Merseyside region.

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