“If it wasn’t for Joo Se-jong hyung, we couldn’t be promoted”… Daejeon’s expectations for the new claim

Joo Se-jong moved to Daejeon on loan from Japan last summer. His return and presence were of great help to Daejeon’s promotion.

He transferred to Gamba Osaka in the first division of the J-League ahead of the 2021 season and played 27 games in a season and a half, but only played 1156 minutes, and the 2022 season was classified as a non-power resource after only 5 games at the beginning of the season.

Joo Se-jong came to Daejeon last summer and helped in the promotion challenge. Daejeon, which finished the season in 2nd place in the regular league, played a promotion playoff against Sangmu Kim Cheon and won the first and second games 6-1 on aggregate and succeeded in promotion for the first time in 8 years since the predecessor Daejeon Citizen. Joo Se-jong also contributed with 1 goal and 3 assists in 19 K-League 2 matches, including 1 goal in the promotion playoffs. 

Last winter, Joo Se-jong completely transferred to Daejeon and became a complete Daejeon player. Here, he inherited the captain’s armband from Cho Yoo-min and took on the heavy responsibility of leading the team for the new season. 

Joo Se-jong said at the 2023 K-League winter battery training media camp held at Samsung Hotel in Geoje, Gyeongnam on the 13th, “Last year, it was a period of adaptation after joining midway. Now, he has been promoted as a member of the team and has become a player of Daejeon Hana Citizen.” I’m trying to help,” he said. 

Former captain Jo Yoo-min expressed satisfaction with the strong presence of Joo Se-jong.

He expressed his gratitude, saying, “Sejong hyung joined the team during the season, and he must have had a lot of difficulties and worries personally, but in my opinion, he acted very well, unlike a hyung who came in the middle and was not a player.” 메이저사이트

He continued, “It was such a big help to the players that I thought it would have been harder for us to get promoted if Sejong-hyung hadn’t come to our team in the middle. I did. Sejong hyung said he would not leave us, and he stayed so reassuring.” 

Coach Lee Min-seong, who gave the captaincy to Joo Se-jong, explained the reason by mentioning his role on the pitch. He said, “Cho Yoo-min played an active role as a captain, but he suffered from heartache and went back and forth with the national team. There is also a point of carrying luggage.”

He added, “As a result of (Joo Se-jong) entering the middle and watching, I thought it was an adjustment period at the beginning, and afterwards, I asked for the captain because he seemed to like the way he held the center of the team. The player readily accepted. Because he is a level player, other players They believe in it and follow it,” he said. “Sejong Joo delivers the points to be given on his own in the stadium. there is,” he said. 

Ju Se-jong, who is about to start the new season as captain, said, “After a long wait, we have been promoted to K-League 1, and just looking at the player composition, there are many players who have to compete in K-League 1. I am also doing well in training. I am preparing well for the expectation that Daejeon will be competitive in the K League 1.”

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