RSO striker ‘shocked’ by absurd monthly MVP award

You should feel good when you receive an award… How would you feel if you were given a ‘bizarre gift’ that you never thought of due to an injury?

The British Daily Star recently published an article titled ‘Former Premier League Star Who Received Fish as Club MVP of the Month’.

The ‘unlucky protagonist (?)’ is Real Sociedad’s Alexander Sjolot. Established in 1909, Real Sociedad is a prestigious team in the Spanish La Liga league. But how did he give the dead fish to MVP injuries?

A former member of the Norwegian national team, Scholott is a striker who is currently active at Real Sociedad after going through EPL Crystal Palace and Leipzig, Germany.

Schölott scored three goals in Sociedad’s four matches last month, taking the club to third place behind first-placed Barcelona and second-placed Real Madrid. It was natural for him to be awarded the monthly MVP.

The reason why Real Sociedad gave the fish injury could be because of ‘tradition (?)’. Martin Odegaard, who currently plays for Arsenal in the English Premier League, also won the Player of the Month award when he was on loan at Real Sociedad in 2019, but he was immediately given a fish.

What the two have in common is that they are from Norway. It can be assumed that the fish, which is caught a lot in Norway, was given as a gift for the two people born in Scandinavia. It is a ‘gift from home’. 바카라사이트

At the time, Odegor was holding a strangely long fish, and fans took pictures without missing it. Odegordo took an awkward pose, which is still talked about among fans.

But, according to the press, Schöllott struck a delightful pose with a fish as if he already knew about the bizarre injury. In particular, the person who awarded the prize is called the chef.

Fans saw the photo and started teasing Soleroth on Twitter. “The most valuable fish,” said one fan. Another fan asked back, “Do you think he made a fish pie out of it?”

Meanwhile, Schölrot is a player that every Crystal Palace fan knows. In 2018 he joined Crystal Palace for £9m but failed to score a goal in 16 league games before leaving the club in 2020. He scored one goal in 20 matches, including cup competitions.

After a sluggish performance, the team sent him to RB Leipzig in Germany in 2020. He was sent on loan to Sociedad in 2021 after showing signs of a resurgence at Leipzig, scoring five goals in 30 games.

Real Sociedad Sir Schön Lott has regained his scoring prowess. He scored 4 goals in 32 matches last season and this season he scored 3 goals in 4 matches in January alone.

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