Masango coach Ko Yunsung, who went back and forth between ‘Heaven and Hell’ in Cheongryonggi, “I will repay my debt to the players”

No one was more determined to win the 51st National High School Baseball Tournament than Masango coach Ko Yoon-sung.

He still remembers the July 20 game against Mulgeumgo in the round of 16 at Cheongnyonggi with pain. At the beginning of this season, the general consensus among experts was that Masango was one of the weaker teams in recent years.

However, Masango’s players scoffed at that and made a splash in the first round of the Cheongnyonggi, defeating E-Mart Bae winner Deoksugo 11-4 in game one and Golden Lion winner Busan Go 5-2 in game two to reach the round of 16.

Their next opponent in the round of 16 was Mulmungo, a team that hasn’t lost a game in the last five years. Masango jumped out to an 11-1 lead in the fourth inning and were on the verge of a 10-run cold game. This time, however, Masango was the victim of an upset. “We went back and forth between heaven and hell within a week of the Blue Dragon Games. It’s something I really don’t want to talk about,” he said.

With an 11-1 lead, Ko pulled his ace, Ok Jin-yul (sophomore), from the mound. She had 32 pitches and could have pitched until the fifth inning.

She hadn’t pitched in the quarterfinals against Chungam-go, and there were no signs of illness. Go revealed the story at the time.

In the Gyeongsangnam-do Region A of the Weekend League, the teams that advance to the national championships are determined by summing up the results of the Weekend League and the Cheongryonggi Tournament. Before the tournament, we made a strategy to maximize our ace strikeout rate, and tentatively decided to give our third-year pitchers more opportunities to play in the Presidential and Phoenix Games.메이저놀이터

However, when the score was 10-10 in the fourth inning, the pitching coach said, “It would be good to use a third-year pitcher who hasn’t played enough games.”

“To this day, I don’t know why I made that decision. “I still don’t know why I made that decision at the time. It was all a result of my own lack of confidence,” he said, and vowed, “I expect this phoenix tournament to be a tournament where I repay my debt to the players. Masango will face Seadoo on September 1 for a spot in the quarterfinals.

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