‘0.350 crashes’ Araes batting first, Freeman chasing ‘0.341’

Araes-Freeman battle for ML batting title
Araes has slumped of late, Freeman is on fire

‘The batting title fight will never end!

While Luis Arajes, the “hitting machine” who was on pace to hit .400 for the season, has faltered, Freddie Freeman has been swinging the bat and closing the gap. While Arajes’ batting average has dropped to .350, Freeman’s has risen to .341. Only nine runs separate them now.

Araes, of the Miami Marlins, went 1-for-4 at home against the Washington Nationals on Aug. 28. He broke a four-game hitless streak the day before. But he still hasn’t shaken off his hitting slump. Failed to produce multiple hits in eight straight games. In his last seven games, he is just 5-for-27 with a .185 batting average. He is batting .350 for the season.

Freeman, of the Los Angeles Dodgers, went 3-for-5 with a home run against the Boston Red Sox on Aug. 28. It erased the disappointment of going 0-for-3 the day before. He’s been on fire lately. On April 24, he went 5-for-3 against the Cleveland Indians and then went 4-for-2 the next day. He went 5-for-4 against Boston on Sept. 26. In his last seven games, he is 14-for-30 with a .467 batting average. Raised his season average to .341.

By the time the second half of the season began, it looked like Araes was going to be the top hitter. He challenged for a 4-for-4 slugging percentage, but was only 3-for-8. Freeman, on the other hand, was in the 3.1 to 3.2 range. But recently, the tide has turned. Araúez’s batting average has plummeted, and Freeman’s has soared, throwing the batting title race into doubt.온라인카지노

The Miami Marlins of the National League East have 31 games left in the season as of Aug. 28. The Los Angeles Dodgers of the National League West have 33 more games to play. Both Araujo and Freeman still have the opportunity to play more than 30 games, so the batting title battle will likely continue until the end of the season. Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves could also emerge as a contender if he can break out and hit .330.

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