Hwang Hee-chan’s NEW competitor is coming…Silva-Kalaijic OUT→’PL215G’ veteran ST recruitment is interested

“Wolverhampton is interested in loaning out striker Danny Ings from West Ham United. The 31-year-old Ings’ contract with West Ham will expire in 2025. He played 17 games this season, and most of them were substitutes. There is no dialogue between the clubs yet, but Wolverhampton is interested and will start recruiting players in the second half of the transfer market,” the British newspaper said on Wednesday.

This winter, Wolverhampton sent out a series of strikers. The start was Fabio Silva. Rangers officially announced their signing on Dec. 29, saying, “We are pleased to announce that we have signed Wolverhampton’s Silva on loan today. Silva will be a member of Rangers under manager Philip Clemant from Jan. 1.”마카오카지노주소

Silva, a club record for Wolverhampton, recorded a transfer fee of 40 million euros when he moved from Porto. He gained experience by loaning from Anderlecht and PSV Eindhoven, but failed to display stellar performance this season as well. He contrasted himself with Hwang Hee-chan. Silva chose to loan again this time and moved to Rangers.

Next up was Sasha Kalijic. Kalajic, the tall striker, was called the Austrian Bomber when he was in Stuttgart. He was 2 meters tall, bombed the air, and made his presence known by scoring 16 goals in 33 Bundesliga matches in the 2020-21 season. Wolverhampton, who needed a striker, recruited him, but as soon as he arrived, he flew the entire last season due to a cruciate ligament injury.

He failed to play properly this season, as he was pushed by Hwang Hee-chan. He rented out the team to Frankfurt. He will play in Frankfurt for the rest of the season, and his jersey number was No. 9. With Silva and Kalajic both out, Wolverhampton is trying to bring in a striker. He is a potential competitor for Hwang Hee-chan, who was elected to the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar.

Ince was named. Ince played an active role at Burnley and became a semi-professional striker in the Premier League. He joined Liverpool with high expectations, but his career was ruined by an injury. He left Liverpool and rebounded from Southampton. Ince, who scored seven goals in 24 games in his first season, scored a whopping 22 goals in the 2019-20 season alone, making a perfect comeback. He also scored 12 goals in the 2020-21 season, continuing his double-digit scoring streak in the league. After moving to Aston Villa, Ince scored seven goals and six assists in 30 games and scored six goals in 18 games last season, bolstering his attack.

He played as little time as expected and was less destructive when he came out. Completely behind Ollie Watkins, Ince found a new team and moved to West Ham, where he wanted a striker. He played with good attacking options at West Ham, but he was completely behind and failed to come out properly this season. With Jarrod Bowen and Mikail Antonio, Ince has a limited standing room.

If you come to Wolverhampton, you can play more than in West Ham. It will be a burden for Ince to compete with Hwang Hee-chan, who shows his peak form. The competition between Ince, who played 215 games in the Premier League alone, and Hwang Hee-chan, the ace of Wolverhampton, is already drawing attention.

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