Son Woong-jung, a soccer philosopher, said, “A child is a person, not a possession.”

Son Heung-min’s father, Son Woong-jung, threw a new topic for the New Year. In a New Year’s interview with Hankyoreh last year, he gave an insight into “Think, not search,” leaving other things to think about in a year.

Son Woong-jung, head coach of the SON Football Academy, said in a recent interview with a Korean media, “Children grow up by looking behind their parents. Never try to become comfortable and lead by example.” “When a child is born, he or she cannot speak but only looks at them with his or her eyes. Everyone grows up by looking behind their parents. How can parents ask their children to study while watching TV or looking into the phone screen? If they want their children to read, read books or write in the living room,” Son said.랭크카지노도메인

What he says from his experience resonates with him. “Humans are born the most immature than any other animal, but they can become saints because of their potential,” said Professor Jin Hyeong-joon, who translated Silbert Durant’s “Anthropological Structures in the Imagination World.” Philosophers say that even our desires are not our own, but rather imitating those of others as we saw them. This suggests that Sohn Woong-jung’s words are linked to thinking by literary critics and philosophers.

It is not intentional for coach Son Woong-jung, who has only sold one path to soccer his whole life and does not reveal himself well, to talk about social phenomena. He is always hidden as a secondary being who receives modifications from the idiom Son Heung-min, such as being called the “father of Son Heung-min.”

However, when he talks honestly about his experiences as a father, his words become literature and philosophy.

When looking at his book, “Everything Starts from the Basic,” reciprocity was emphasized when disciplining Son Heung-min. There were children running in the scorching sun, and they couldn’t rest in the shade of trees. He won Son Heung-min’s heart by running and struggling together, and knowing this affection and dedication, Son Heung-min and his brother Son Heung-yoon toured the playground for four hours and lifted with both feet even in a chaotic situation.

In this year’s interview, he also mentioned the vulnerable sectors of Korean society. Regarding the phenomenon in which medical school preference is so severe that even kindergartens have medical classes, he said, “Crazy…” but he couldn’t talk for a while. “Parents who think their children as belongings are ruining their children, who ignore their talents and only focus on their immediate grades,” Sohn said.

Coach Son Woong-jung did not teach soccer to make Son the top scorer in the Premier League. He just wanted to help his son with what he liked, and in the course of the training, he didn’t fit his goal, Son became the world’s best player.

Family education cannot be overemphasized. “If you look at the letter, you will find a passage that says, ‘Silly in the child’s mind.’ In Jews, fathers still punish their children. You should tell your child, ‘What is not possible is not possible.’ And you should not compromise,” Sohn said.

Soccer philosopher Son Woong-jung’s words have an eye that goes beyond sports. That’s why I keep engraving his words that I heard at the beginning of the new year several times.

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