GSW, who dreamed of strengthening the defense, lost the competition to recruit Beverly… Will there be additional recruits?

Golden State missed Beverly. 

Chicago Bulls’ Patrick Beverly talked about the story behind the transfer through the podcast ‘The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone’ on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time). 

Shortly after the news of Russell Westbrook’s whereabouts came out, Beverly’s destination was also revealed. Beverly joined Chicago in 11th place in the Eastern Conference.

Beverly confessed that Golden State and Chicago competed for him. He thought he could get more opportunities in Chicago.

“Golden State and Chicago were competing for me,” Beverly said. I thought, and I thought I could get more opportunities.”

Golden State has not been able to show the solid appearance of a defending champion this season. They entered the All-Star break with a record of 29-29 and 9th place in the Western Conference with a barely 50% win rate. It is impossible to guarantee that they will make it to the playoffs.

The biggest cause of Golden State’s fall this season is a defensive collapse. Golden State, which boasted the best shield in the league last season by running first in the defensive rating. However, this season, the same number has dropped to 20th. The average score is 2nd in the league, but the number of goals allowed is 27th. 먹튀검증

That’s why Golden State was linked with several teams until the trade deadline. There seemed to be no special reinforcement due to the lack of tradeable resources, but Gary Payton II, who won the championship last season, made a comeback. Peyton II is a player who mainly made the ball on defense, relieving the burden of Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, and Klay Thompson.

Peyton II, who was expected to play a good role this time too. However, he is likely to miss at least a month due to injury. Even after a month, he can’t guarantee a return with certainty, and even if he does, he’ll need time to come to his senses. 

That’s why Golden State set out to attack the buyout market to recruit another resource that will boost the defense of the backcourt. However, Beverly’s recruitment, which was a priority, went back to failure and left regret.

Veteran resources who have decided to buyout are gradually looking for the team, and it is not easy to find net resources in the market. Can Golden State, which has many gaps in its roster, succeed in acquiring additional players in the remaining buyout market?

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