“You want to scold me? The reality will be different”… ‘Low-intensity war of words’ K League 2 coaches

Reporter Lee Eui-jin = “It doesn’t matter if you want to scold us, but reality and ideals are different.”

About a week before the opening of the 2023 season, the coaches of the 13 teams of the professional soccer K League 2, who gathered together, revealed a subtle competitive spirit and engaged in a’low-intensity war of words’.

He refrained from outright provocation, but indirectly stimulated the opponent with ‘a word with bones’.

The Korea Professional Football Federation held the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day event on the 21st at The-K Hotel Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

First, FC Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung confronted Ansan Greeners coach Lim Jong-heon with a sharp blow when he burned the ‘rival consciousness’.

In response to the request to select candidates for the round of 5, Lim said, “Sangmu Kim, of course, goes up. I will pick Anyang, Bucheon FC, Chungnam Asan FC, and Busan IPark.” But we see Anyang as our rivals and want to defeat them.”

Regarding this, Anyang coach Lee set the edge, dismissing, “Director Lim’s thoughts and ideals are different from (actual) games. It won’t be easy.”

Gimpo FC head coach Go Jeong-woon went one step further and warned that regardless of who the top 5 team is, be careful of Gimpo.

“Last year, the top teams were very scolded by us, but they didn’t designate us to the top 5,” coach Goh said, “I think they scolded us less. I will definitely punish them,” revealing his claws.

He continued, “Gyeongnam, Bucheon, Anyang, Busan, and Jeonnam are selected as the top 5, but Kimcheon is so good that I thought of it without thinking. Anyway, these teams will be greatly scolded by us this year,” he repeatedly emphasized.

Coach Park Dong-hyeok of Chungnam Asan also did not avoid the ‘war of nerves’.

He said, “Everyone wants to go to the playoffs or get promoted, but our team is not that easy. Only when we surpass our team will we be able to make the playoffs or be promoted.”

Jeonnam Dragons coach Lee Gwan-sang provoked Kim Cheon by throwing a bone-chilling joke.

He laughed and said, “I don’t know why Kim Cheon came down to the second part and made it difficult for the directors.” 메이저사이트

Seoul E-Land FC’s coach Park Choong-gyun pointed out Gimcheon’s coach Sung Han-soo and waged a ‘fight for appearance’.

In response to the question, “What is better than Gimcheon?”, Director Park said, “I thought about it, but there was none. Still, I think I’m a little more handsome than Director Sung.”

In response, coach Seong laughed, saying, “I agree that he is more handsome than me,” and replied, “Football is not about good looks. I will show you my skills on the pitch.”

The captains who stood with the coaches were no different in trying to argue with other teams.

Ryu Won-woo, the captain of the new Chungbuk Cheongju FC team, bluffed, “All teams seem to want to easily score points against us, but we won’t give them easily.”

In particular, he showed his fighting spirit, saying, “I have no intention of giving even a single goal” to Cheonan and Chungnam Asan, the Chungcheong teams adjacent to each other.

In response, Chungnam Asan captain Park Se-jik responded by saying, “We are several years older than the two teams.”

The new season K-League 2 kicks off on March 1st.

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