“From Kim Byung-ji’s header to Shasha’s hand.” The 40-year history of professional soccer can be seen at a glance

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the professional soccer K League.

An exhibition where you can see 40 years of famous scenes and historical moments in one place began today (22nd).랭크카지노


The history of professional soccer, which was launched in 1983, has gathered together with videos, photos, and paintings.

Every moment has its own story, but there is no objection to the fact that the most impressive goal scene was Kim Byung-ji’s first header goal in goalkeeper history in 1998.

[Kim Byung-ji/Representative of Kangwon FC/1998/Ulsan Goalkeeper: “We had to win the first game because we lost 3 to 2, but it was a buzzer-beater header goal, so it was memorable. It was a goal that I was personally very happy about.”

On the other hand, the most controversial goal is also painted not to forget.

The so-called Korean version of the “Hand of God” incident, created by Suwon Sasha in 1999, and the post-game interview were also masterpieces.

[Sasha/Suwon/1999: “I can’t tell you if it’s touched or not. The game is over and the referee admits it. A goal is a goal.”]

The only rookie MVP, Hong Myung-bo, was Shin Seong, who had the most brilliant first year with numerous stars born and disappeared.

Hong Myung-bo’s 47m ultra-long-distance free kick is also one of the best scenes.

On the 40-meter wall with 40 years of history, Pohang’s victory in 2013 is noticeable.

The miracle created by Pohang in the second half of the extra time remains a pain for someone and a memory of joy for someone in a situation where Ulsan will win if it is a draw.

[Kim Wonil/Pohang/2013: “There was a ball under my feet. I didn’t even look back and put it in.”]

The exhibition, which contains everything about professional soccer, including the uniforms of the now-defunct teams and the official ball used so far, will run until January 31 next year.

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