A man who used to be called “Busan High School’s Sun Dong-ryul.” I didn’t expect 2016 to be a career high… Will it be revived in Daegu

When he was in high school, he commanded Busan. He led the revival of baseball’s prestigious pro baseball community. Now, he is starting anew at Daegu.

This is the story of Lee Min-ho (30), who joined the Samsung Lions on the 23rd.

He was recognized for his talent, which was called “Busan High School Sun Dong-ryul” by throwing more than 150 kilometers of fastballs. He wore the NC Dinos uniform as a new team’s priority. As a “Changdan member,” he played a key role in the bullpen until his team became a regular in fall baseball.

He was brilliant in terms of talent. He finished the game in 2013, the first year since his debut in the main league. He had one win, three losses, 10 saves and one hold, and has played in about 60 games every year since then. He also had a number of opportunities to start the game. In 2016, he pitched in 45 games (starting 21). He pitched in the most innings (130 ⅔ innings) in his career, posting a career-high of nine wins, nine losses, two saves and three holds.헤라카지노

Oddly enough, he had better pitching when he was in the bullpen than the starting pitcher. He has devoted himself to bullpen since 2017. He pitched in 88 ⅔s and 60 games with 4.06 ERA, another career high.

That was it. He had surgery for a bone fragment of his ankle since his debut, and he had constant injuries including his hamstring. Eventually, he was held back by the injury.

Lee Min-ho could not be seen on the first team stage after 11 games, 9 ⅔ innings, and 6.52 ERA without a win or loss in 2019. He was discharged from the military in 2021 after completing his military service, but there was no more Lee Min-ho’s place in the “young team” NC.

He also showed poor performance in the Futures League this season. He had two wins, one save and one hold in 12 games, and an ERA of 7.59.

NC has already said goodbye to many founding members, including Noh Jin-hyuk, who left for FA, and Kim Jin-sung and Lim Chang-min, who were released. Now it was Lee Min-ho’s turn. He was informed of his release at the end of October.

Still, he did not give up his dream of extending his playing career. He reached out to the Samsung Lions, which had been eager to reinforce its bullpen by recruiting Kim Jae-yoon as a free agent and Choi Sung-hoon and Yang Hyun as two draft picks.

Samsung emphasized strengthening bullpen sessions as a reason for recruiting Lee Min-ho. Even a young age of 30 is still a big weapon. His annual salary is 45 million won (approx.

“If we continue this season without any injuries through strengthening training, we expect him to show competitive performance.” Lee now has a new dream in Daegu.

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