2024 NL Western District ‘Korea-Japan Big Leaguer Big Match Competition’


In 2024, the Major League National League West is expected to have a huge pitching and hitting match between Korean and Japanese big leaguers.

While San Francisco manager Bob Melvin selected Lee Jung-hoo as the first batter, the top rival Dodgers held Yamamoto Yoshinobu following Ohtani.월카지노


San Francisco manager Bob Melvin, who grew Kim Ha-sung into a Gold Glove infielder, declared the “first hitter after Lee Jung-hoo” for next season’s lineup.

[Bob Melvin/San Francisco Manager: (It’s a little early, but is Lee Jung-hoo the first batter?) There’s no reason why he shouldn’t do it right now. Lee Jung-hoo can hit comfortably and has experience. For now, I’m sure.”]

Lee Jung-hoo, who recorded a .328 on-base percentage and a .391 on-base percentage in San Francisco, which was so worried that he tried nine first batters last season, was the right choice.

San Francisco’s rival LA Dodgers even held Japan’s top pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto for an astronomical amount of money.

Yamamoto Yoshinobu, who once allowed three-pitch strikeouts and another double in a showdown with Lee Jung-hoo, is said to have agreed to a 12-year contract with the Dodgers for $325 million and about 428.8 billion won in our money.

It has more than doubled the previous record of posting the highest amount, and it is the highest amount for a pitcher in the entire big league.

[Jeff Bankruptcy/ESPN Reporter: “Simply put, the Dodgers have the top 10 pitchers in the world. The Dodgers (who also recruited Otani) made up the “Avengers.”]

Ohtani, who already wore a Dodgers uniform, beat Messi and Djokovic by four votes in the AP’s best male player of the year category.

Lee Jung-hoo, who was selected as the first batter, and Ohtani and Yamamoto, who will be in charge of the Dodgers’ starting lineup.

Fans are already paying attention to the pitching and hitting competition that will lead to the National League.

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