“Crazy.” “Iron wall fight at full base! Zero hits…” The 39-year-old veteran’s “How to escape from full base” team with “Super Hold” is

Kim Jin-sung of the LG Twins once again escaped from the crisis to secure his team’s victory. In an away game against the Hanwha Eagles held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Sunday, Kim Jin-seong pitched as a relief pitcher with one out and runners on the first and third bases in the bottom of the sixth inning when his team was chased 5-4, allowing one hit, one walk and one strikeout during the first ⅓. While leading 5-1, starting pitcher Lim Chan-gyu fell into trouble, and Lee Woo-chan, who took the mound as relief pitcher, also allowed a walk, Kim Jin-seong allowed Park Sang-eon to walk as soon as he took the mound, but in the crisis of getting the bases loaded, Kim Tae-yeon induced Kim to hit a grounder in front of the second base with his main weapon, a fork ball, and allowed Noh to hit in the bottom of the seventh inning, but managed to secure the first point gap by blocking the follow-up batter well. For LG, Kim Jin-seong defended the important section and scored three runs in the top of the eighth inning to win the game 8-4. If Kim Jin-seong allowed the tie at this time, it would not have been possible to guarantee a win given LG’s recent atmosphere. LG had a chance to change the mood again by escaping from three consecutive losses.스포츠토토

Kim Jin-sung earned the hold on the day and recorded his 10th hold of this season. He became the 13th player in the KBO League to achieve 110 holds for the third consecutive year with 10 holds.

Kim Jin-seong, who pitched in the game on Tuesday and managed no hit and no run in the first ⅔, played multiple innings for two consecutive days. This year, he is a 39-year-old veteran. When asked if he had a hard time, he said, “It was a bit tiring, but I focused more because I had to show why I needed senior players when the team was in a difficult situation.”

He is a “man who grabs all bases.” Kim Jin-sung once made a “super save” against the Suwon KT Wiz on the 18th. At the end of the ninth inning, when closing pitcher Yoo Young-chan gave up one point and was on the verge of loading the bases with no outs, Kim Jin-sung took the mound and overwhelmed three batters in succession to win 7-6

Coincidentally, Kim never got a hit with the bases loaded this season. He allowed one walk and two walks in total 13 at-bats, but none of his hits was lost.

“Weirdly, when I get the bases loaded from the NC Dinos, I get so excited,” Kim Jin-seong said after the game. “These days, I recall the faces of my juniors on the mound again. Today, I can see Chan-kyu’s face and Woo-chan’s face. Let’s focus more and throw more powerfully for our juniors. I threw the ball with that thought.”

When asked how he would pitch in that crisis, Kim said, “I throw with the intention of striking out.” “I’m not trying to strike out, but if I take the mound with the mindset of striking out, I have no choice but to concentrate,” Kim said. “I’ll strike out unconditionally, rather than thinking about blocking it. If you have the mindset of striking out at least one person, you have no choice but to concentrate.”

Kim Jin-sung said, “That’s why I think the result is good. My ball speed is about 140 kilometers, so isn’t that a batting ball? When you look at the center and throw it, it’s better to throw it confidently.” In fact, Ahn Chi-hong was caught on a foul fly to the third baseman with a 139 kilometer fastball on the day, and Chae Eun-sung struck out a swing and miss with a 140 kilometer fastball. “At that time, Heo Do-hwan signed a forkball, and I thought I would throw a fastball no matter what. I threw a fastball with the intention of throwing all my energy into this ball, and it resulted in a good result,” Kim Jin-sung said.

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