Shortstop from the first designation who dropped his head due to two defensive errors, a happy ending with a two-run double that determines the outcome

Professional baseball Samsung Lions infielder Lee Jae-hyun went back and forth between cold and hot.

Lee Jae-hyun started as the sixth shortstop in an away game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 24th and made two defensive errors, but he relieved the burden by hitting a timely hit that determined the game in the seventh inning.안전놀이터

He got off to a good start. Lee Jae-hyun hit a right-handed hit against Lotte starter Na Kyun-an in the first inning with two outs and runners on first and third bases with his team leading 1-0. Third baseman David McKinnon relaxed and homered. Kim Hun-gon and Kang Min-ho hit consecutive doubles, and Lee Jae-hyun homered.

Lee Jae-hyun, who had a pleasant start by scoring an RBI and a run in his first at bat, left a regretful defense. He was on the verge of being loaded with the bases as he failed to properly deal with foreign batter Victor Reyes’ grounder, with runners at the first and second bases with one out in the fifth inning. Samsung replaced starter Danny Reyes with right-handed Lee Seung-hyun. Na gave up one run due to a sacrifice fly to the left field, but overwhelmed Park with a swing and strikeout to finish the inning.

Lee Jae-hyun missed second baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk’s throw in the seventh inning with one out and a runner on the first and second bases with one out. Standing on the mound, Im Chang-min seemed to take a breather by inducing Reyes to a catcher’s foul fly, but gave up a walk after a full count with Na, and was faced with the bases loaded. Lotte pitched pinch hitter Yoo Kang-nam. Changed pitcher Kim Jae-yoon used his second slider to induce a grounder to the first base.

Lee Jae-hyun has now had a chance to make up for his two defense errors. Samsung’s offense in the top of the eighth inning with its lead of 7-4, and Lee Jae-hyun, who entered the batter’s box with the chance to load the bases with one out, hit the fifth fastball (149 kilometers) with the ball count 2B-2S and connected it with a double to the left-center field. Kim Young-woong stepped home after McKinnon and ran away 9-4.

“Lee Jae-hyun had a chance to make up for his defense error, but he paid off his debt with his swing,” said MBC Sports Plus commentator Sanghoon Lee, who was in charge of commentating on the game. Lee Jae-hyun homered again with Kim Heon-gon’s grounder to second base and Lee Byung-hun’s double.

Samsung defeated Lotte 11-5 to clinch its first three consecutive weekend games. “I think hitting the ball lightly with the thought of sending the ball to the outfield when it was full base led to a good result,” Lee Jae-hyun said after the game. “I had errors during the game, and I was able to cheer up until the end thanks to (Ryu) Ji-hyuk and (Kim) Young-woong’s encouragement. I want to say thank you.”

Second baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk, who formed the Keystone duo with Lee Jae-hyun, said, “(Lee) Jae-hyun) kept feeling sorry, so I said, “If you miss, of course, anyone will miss. Don’t worry and let’s try one by one.” It’s okay because I tried to do well.”

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