“Crow America screening results are still…” It’s more embarrassing because it’s an elbow, not a shoulder, and the wait for KIA is getting longer after three weeks

When will Kia Tigers foreign pitcher Will Crowe’s future be decided? Still, with no U.S. medical examination results coming out, the wait for KIA, which has already been three weeks, seems to be getting longer. The elbow, not the shoulder originally expected, shows signs of more embarrassment.메이저놀이터

Crowe, who wore a KIA uniform with a total of $1 million, pitched in eight games (40.1 innings) this season, recording five wins and one loss, 3.57 43 strikeouts, 12 walks and WHIP 1.31.

Crowe has been on hiatus since his start against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on May 4 (five innings of two hits, six strikeouts and no runs allowed). Crowe felt discomfort in his elbow after pitching in a bullpen session in an away game in Daegu on May 8. After the first round of examinations at SM Hospital in Daegu on May 9, he was diagnosed with damage to the medial ligament of his right elbow.

“Will Crowe, who had been removed from the entry due to partial damage to his right elbow ligament, will depart for the U.S. this afternoon for a re-examination of his injury by his doctor,” Kia’s official team announced on Thursday. The Kia team said it will determine Crowe’s final course of action based on the results of the re-examination in the U.S.

“Two findings have been made regarding the condition of the Crow elbow. One is bad (surgery) and the other is positive (injection treatment and rehabilitation). It seems that the U.S. wants to confirm for sure. Our club is also better off. If the results of the U.S. medical examination indicate that you can throw, you will pitch again, or you will have to deal with another situation. We can only decide after the U.S. medical examination is completed,” Lee said.

KIA’s bench held out by using Hwang Dong-ha and Kim Sa-yoon as alternative starters to fill the Crow gap during May. Since Lee Eui-ri and Lim Ki-young, who returned to the Futures League, will soon return from injury, there may be more options to fill the Crow gap.

However, the issue of Crow’s future is still no news. He left for the U.S. on the 10th, but the results of Crow examination still haven’t come out. This is why concerns about the replacement foreign market ‘pool’ overlapped with the local hospital situation in the U.S.

A source at Kia said on May 23, “The hospital reportedly takes a long time for the final result of the examination to be released. When the result comes out, the hospital will announce the result immediately. There are some areas where people have high expectations as they had mixed views over the state of the Crow elbow. I think it would be better to consider a proper card and select one even if the worst result comes out, rather than a temporary replacement. The supply and demand situation in the foreign player market is not good right now.”

KIA’s team focused on Crowe’s injury risk on his shoulder, which he injured last year. However, there is certainly an embarrassing look as an unexpected elbow injury occurred.

“I underwent elbow surgery more than 10 years ago, and I have not been seriously injured since then. If it was a shoulder issue, it would have been necessary to deal with it more quickly, but I think it is necessary to wait and see because it is an elbow issue that has the potential for rehabilitation. The player himself shed tears while leaving for the U.S., expressing his regret. “It is also true that there are some areas that I am more concerned about because he was a pitcher with good performance and work style.”

Recently, foreign pitcher Elias of the SSG Landers was diagnosed with six-week rehabilitation due to an intraperitoneal muscle injury. SSG immediately hired Keisho Shirakawa, who plays in the Japanese independent league, for a total of 1.8 million yen using the temporary foreign player system. KIA also put Lee on the list of temporary foreign player recruitment candidates, but SSG moved first while watching the cropping situation. After all, Kia’s agony has no choice but to deepen as it cannot afford to give up its cropping card easily. Attention is focusing on how Kia, which is on the verge of solving the “crow risk” after three consecutive losses this week, will solve the “crow risk.”

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