‘Captain’ Na Sang-ho, half-joking, half-serious, “Euijo-type double-digit goal!”

Na Sang-ho (27), the captain of FC Seoul in the K-League 1, set a goal for Hwang Eui-jo (31), who was to accompany him.

 Seoul leaves for Kagoshima, Japan, the second training ground through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the morning of the 6th. A brief press conference was held before leaving. ‘Captain’ Na Sang-ho stood in front of the media. 메이저놀이터

 Na Sang-ho said, “First of all, I prepared well with the players and coaching staff from the first Thai field training. In the second round of Kagoshima, I will match my tactics well and refine my hands and feet. This season, I want to play football that is a little more welcoming to the fans and can enjoy together.”

 If the physical was raised in the first battery training, detailed elements such as tactics and strategy will be refined in the second battery training. Hwang Eui-jo, a national striker who will be responsible for scoring goals, which was considered Seoul’s weakness, joined the team on loan.

 Hwang Eui-jo currently belongs to Nottingham Forest in the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL), but cannot play in Europe. This is because he was registered as a player at Bordeaux (France), his former team, and Olympiacos (Greece), where he was transferred on loan. According to the regulations, a maximum of two teams can be registered in the Chunchun Festival League. Accordingly, Hwang Ui-jo turned to the unrestricted spring and autumn league and agreed with Seoul, who was trying to reinforce the attack.

 Na Sang-ho said, “(Hwang) Ui-jo hyung wants to build a good body and adapt well to soccer that he can play with us. Also, it would be nice if I could help the path that Uijo-hyung wants to go by improving his condition well for six months (the contract period),” he said. “He is a player with good ability in decision-making. I believe that Uijo-hyung will fill in the part where we didn’t score many goals.”

 Hwang Ui-jo’s time to accompany him is short, but if he scores as many goals as possible, it will be the icing on the cake. As a captain, Na Sang-ho was asked to provide an accurate figure. 

 After laughing, Na Sang-ho said, “I hope they put in as much as possible,” and put weight on the development of the team, saying, “I want us to continue to challenge and achieve our goal so that we can continue to be in the top ranks while there is such a positive attitude.” Nevertheless, a question was asked to answer the specific number of goals. In response, Na Sang-ho laughed and shouted, “Uijo-hyung, let’s score double-digit goals for six months.”

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