‘Salary adjustment loss’ Fried, will he leave Atlanta in two years?

Will ace Max Fried (29), who was aiming for a salary adjustment victory for the second consecutive year following last year, eventually leave the Atlanta Braves?

On the 5th (Korean time), MLB.com, the official website of the Major League Baseball, reported that Fried lost in salary adjustment against Atlanta.

Earlier, Freed asked for $15 million, and Atlanta offered $13.5 million. As a result, Fried’s salary for the 2023 season was confirmed at $13.5 million.

Fried won the salary adjustment last winter. At the time, Atlanta offered $6.6 million, and Freed asked for $6.85 million. 스포츠토토

Freed, who is subject to the Super 2 clause, is eligible for a second salary adjustment application this winter, and will become a free agent (FA) player after the 2024 season.

It is now possible to have 2 seasons. However, while Atlanta has signed long-term contracts with other young and talented players, news of Fried’s contract has not yet been heard.

There seem to be two main reasons for this. Considering Fried’s age, there are two things: not giving him a long-term contract and not having the ability to catch him.

Fried was born in 1994 and will turn 31 in 2025, his first year in free agency. As a result, his long-term contract comes with a burden. On the other hand, Fried will want a long-term contract.

The second is also money. It is rare for a first-rate starting pitcher to appear in the FA market. If Fried comes out on the free agent market, a Carlos Rodon-class contract is expected to be sufficient.

There are many opinions that it is not that Atlanta does not catch Fried, but that it cannot catch it. Atlanta has already made a lot of money for young Yasujin.

Right now, it seems highly unlikely that Fried will wear an Atlanta uniform for the 2025 season. As a result, Atlanta is expected to work hard to win again during the two years that Fried endures.

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