Kim Min-jae is increasingly evaluated as ‘world class’… A colleague is likely to offer 174.9 billion

 ‘High praise’ continues for Kim Min-jae (25, Naples). It is increasingly being evaluated as being close to world class. Teammate Victor Osimen (24) also expected to receive a big Premier League offer.

Salvator Bagni, who played for Naples, told the Italian radio station ‘Radio CRC’, “Kim Min-jae will bring not only sports but also economic wealth to Naples. It’s really amazing. His speed is impressive. He is an ideal central defender. There is nothing lacking,” he said.

Napoli is leading the ‘2022-23 season Italian Serie A’. Since the opening game, they have allowed only 1 loss in 21 games, and are in first place in the league. With a difference of 13 points from second place Inter Milan, they are looking to win Serie A 33 years after the late Diego Maradona.

At the center is the great performance of key players. Napoli brought in players with great potential this summer and they all paid off. This includes Kim Min-jae, who paid a buyout to Fenerbahce. Kim Min-jae has continued his top-class performance in league and cup competitions from the opening game to the present. 토토사이트

The praise towards Kim Min-jae continues, but the evaluation is getting closer to world class. Previously, Bagni praised Kim Min-jae for being “the most ideal central defense,” saying that he had everything a central defender needs in modern football, such as Kim Min-jae’s speed and ability to cover the back space.

Kim Min-jae’s colleague and Naples frontline Osimen are also highly evaluated. “When Osimen first joined Napoli, he said 100 million euros (about 134.5 billion won). The next year it was 120 million euros (about 164.1 billion won). , it will be at least 130 million euros (about 174.8 billion won).”

He also gave the Napoli elemental players a thumbs up. Bagni expected, saying, “I will leap forward as a candidate to win the Italian Serie A over the next two to three years.”

However, according to local reports, the president of Napoli de Laurentis is trying to set an annual salary cap to stabilize the club’s accounting finances. It is a question mark whether he will be able to protect his key players next season.

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