Buchanan seemed to have some faith in him… No news since Samsung left, has the situation changed?

David Buchanan (35) was a foreign pitcher who was loved by both Samsung fans and KBO League fans. During his four-year career with Samsung from 2020 to last year, he was acclaimed as an impeccable player with outstanding skills, sincere professionalism, and personality full of both joy and warmth.

Buchanan left the KBO League after the 2023 season. Samsung continued to perform better and better, naturally putting Buchanan, who became an irreplaceable team ace, on the list of players on hold. However, negotiations didn’t go smoothly. Samsung was well aware of Buchanan’s value, too. However, there was clearly a cap on what it could give to three foreign players in the KBO League. However, Buchanan emphasized contribution.라바카지노

Samsung continued negotiations with Buchanan until the end, positively reviewing the multi-year contract that Samsung did not accept last year. However, they failed to narrow the gap and finally gave up Buchanan. It was a waste but it was a reality. During the negotiations, Buchanan reportedly used “substantial” offers made by major league teams as a reference point.

In any case, the negotiations ended without much difference. Buchanan also said goodbye on social networking services. Everyone applauded. As the Major League club reportedly offered Buchanan an offer during the negotiation process, he hoped that another “reverse export bonanza” would be created. But some time later, I still haven’t heard anything about his contract. Something is going wrong.

It was Cincinnati, a team that showed interest in Buchanan. It was a team that needed reinforcement, and instead, it was looking for a cost-effective selection at the time when it could not spend much money. In fact, Cincinnati is known to have specified its interest by proposing a two-year contract to Buchanan. Buchanan did not tell a lie during the negotiation process. However, there were variables around the collapse of negotiations with Samsung. Cincinnati pulled out.

“Cincinnati showed interest in Buchanan,” an agency familiar with local affairs said. “But he ultimately signed with Frankie Montas.” Cincinnati signed a one-year contract worth $16 million with Montas just around the corner of the New Year. Montas hardly played last year due to elbow surgery, but he still had better experience than Buchanan. After weighing in, he chose Montas, a more reliable card. Cincinnati, which already signed a two-year, 26 million-dollar contract with Nick Martinez, withdrew from the starting lineup with two pitchers.

However, there were rumors that Buchanan was offered a contract by multiple teams, which suggested that a contract with another team other than Cincinnati would be acceptable. However, there has been little news for a month. Opinions are divided among different officials. Still, some officials expect that a Major League contract will be possible if upper-level pitchers leave the team while waiting until the last minute, and others predict that a split contract will be a possibility.

Buchanan made his Major League debut in 2014 with the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been a promising starter since childhood, and when he debuted in 2014, he played in 20 games as a starter, recording 6-8 losses and an ERA of 3.75, drawing attention. He got off to a good start, and in 2015, he got a chance to play in 15 games as a starter. However, after losing the starting opportunity in 2015 as his ERA soared to 6.99, he never got a chance to play in the Major League again.

Buchanan later chose to go to the East in search of an opportunity. He played for Yakult in the Japanese professional baseball league from 2017 to 2019, and after his release in 2019, he was called by Samsung and played in Korea for four years. Many fans are paying attention to whether Buchanan’s last major league challenge will be a success.

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