“Row when the water comes in.” When is Kim Ha-sung’s trade? July 31, 2024 likely

Kim Ha-sung’s trade with the San Diego Padres is considered a given. The question is when. Let’s look at the scenario.

First, it’s before the opening of the season.

According to Ken Rosenthal of the U.S. media outlet The Athletic, a considerable number of teams are inquiring about Kim Ha-sung’s trade. It is the right time to play when the water comes in.

San Diego currently needs a starting pitcher, outfielder and first baseman. Kim Ha-sung can be used as a trade card to solve the problem. If Kim Ha-sung is out, Jake Cronenworth can be used as the second baseman, which is his original position.마카오토토도메인

However, with the Seoul Series ahead and Manny Machado having to play as a designated hitter at the beginning of the season, Kim Ha-sung may have to take the third base for the time being, making a trade difficult.

In addition, San Diego is aiming to advance to the postseason in the 2024 season. In order to prevent a power leak, he should have Kim Ha-sung with him.

Kim Ha-sung’s annual salary is only $7 million, so there is no financial burden.

Second, trade during the season, which is most likely at the moment.

The trade deadline for the 2024 season is July 31 (Korea time).

If San Diego is competing for the postseason until this point, it may continue to have Kim Ha-sung.

Otherwise, San Diego is likely to trade Kim Ha-sung unless he signs an extension.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-sung’s value is soaring as time goes by.

At first, after Lee Jung-hoo’s $113 million contract from $100 million, Kim Ha-sung’s ransom rose to more than $100 million.

If there are many bidders, the price will rise. Kim Ha-sung’s ransom is expected to rise more and more over time.

Dennis Lin of The Athletic has argued that Kim Ha-sung’s ransom is reasonable between $130 million and $150 million.

However, when the FA market heats up, reasonable prices mean nothing.

The player to be compared to Kim Ha-sung is Dansby Swanson. Swanson signed a seven-year, $177 million contract with the Chicago Cubs ahead of the 2023 season.

Chicago took note of the number of his home runs. Swanson hit 52 home runs in 2021 and 2022. The Cubs were right in their judgment. Swanson hit 22 home runs in the 2023 season.

Swanson is a shortstop. Prior to signing with the Cubs, he won the Gold Glove Award in shortstop.

Kim Ha-sung can have an edge over Swanson in defense. Kim Ha-sung received the Gold Glove Award for Utilities in the 2023 season. It has the advantage of being able to see not only shortstop but also second and third basemen.

In attack, they lag behind Swanson in power, but this can be offset to some extent by the stolen base division.

However, if Kim Ha-sung hits 20 or more to join the “20-20 Club” in the home run category, the story is different. This is because he can literally become an all-weather player with both ball, number and weeks.

Kim Ha-sung hit 17 home runs in this season. He paid attention to bulk-up after the season because of Kim’s strong will to draw more than 20 arches.

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