“Both are right-handers with ML experience,” left, right, left, right, left, right, and right starters, and KIA’s new foreign punch is imminent

Attention is focusing on a new foreign pitcher who will take the mound in 2024 for the Kia Tigers. Other teams have almost completed recruitment, but only Socrates Brito has renewed his contract (US$1.2 million). The names of the two most important pitchers were not mentioned. They are currently negotiating terms and conditions and have reached a final phase. An official announcement is expected early in the new year at the latest.헤라카지노

Recently, Kia faced an ambiguous situation regarding foreign pitchers. It added Panoni, who had played as an alternative foreign pitcher for two consecutive years, to its list of players on hold for 2024. It was for suppression. Panoni signed a minor contract with the Chicago Cubs. He felt secure but did not feel pressured, which made it difficult to use and throw away, but he gave up renewing his contract by himself. Hence, Kia plans to recruit two new pitchers.

Kia recruited candidates and put in an offer. “To be more specific, I have a lot of speculation,” said Shim Jae-hak, the team’s general manager. “I can’t name them, but they are both right-handed pitchers. All Korean pitchers are left-handed, so I balanced the situation on the right and left.” The team took into account the fact that Yang Hyun-jong, who is challenging 170 innings for the 10th consecutive year, Lee Eui-ri, who is aiming for the true ace, and Yoon Young-chul, who is challenging for the 10th win for the second year, are all left-handed.

It also introduced the process of compression of candidates by foreign pitchers. “In the past, we chose based on videos sent by foreign agents. Now, we have an international team in charge of searching for players. We selected candidates by analyzing various data including vertical and horizontal movements, and made an offer to those agents,” he added.

At the same time, he also revealed that it is not easy to recruit a pitchman from outside. “If a 150-km fastball is thrown flat, it will be worth 3 million U.S. dollars. Currently, the cap of 1 million dollars is hard to catch. As the ransom of U.S. players has increased, there is no option to catch a pitchman with 1 million dollars. The situation has become more difficult,” he complained of the difficulties.

Kia is still looking for a Korean-style foreign pitcher, even if he is not an overwhelming pitch type. Even if the ball speed does not reach 150 kilometers, it seems that the team has included pitchers with some passing marks in terms of ball control, vertical movement, and breaking ball skills among its candidates. “These pitchers are not unique to minor players. They both have some experience in the Major League,” Shim said.

KIA has a high-class mound in its 10th team. The native starting lineup, which leads to Yang Hyun-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and Yoon Young-chul, has power. The team is focusing on composing the sixth and eighth starters to support the starting lineup from the closing camp to next year’s spring camp. There is a high possibility that rookie Cho Dae-hyun will join the team. The bullpen layer is not thin, either. The bullpen pitcher lineup including Kim Ki-hoon and Yoo Seung-chul can also be strengthened.

As a result, the mound power varies greatly depending on the presence of two foreign starters. As foreign starters have offensive capabilities, including hitting and mobility, they could instantly become champions if they have 10 wins and two innings. Or, even if one of them improves his ace performance, he can play fall baseball. I wonder what kind of players they have painstakingly found in adverse conditions.

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