Bae Ji-hwan will challenge the Big in the big league, saying, “To steal, I will play up to 60.”

This word, which means “盜,” has been given a title to the greatest stolen bases of all time. Starting with Lee Jong-beom, Lee Dae-hyung and MLB Ricky Henderson were called “Daedo.”

With the title of “Daedo,” Bae starts to run fast. “I will steal more than 60 bases,” Bae said in an interview on his departure from Incheon International Airport in the afternoon of the 11th.

Bae Ji-hwan has grown up in the minor leagues for four years since he signed with Pittsburgh in March 2018. Since his Major League debut in 2022, he has a batting average of 0.240 (88 hits in 367 at-bats) with two homers, 38 RBIs, 59 runs and 27 stolen bases with an OPS of 0.628.

Bae has shown improvement over the past year. He played as a second baseman and center fielder at the same time last year, posting a batting average of 0.231 (77 hits in 334 times at bat), two homers, 32 RBIs, 54 runs and 23 steals in 111 games. He was absent for about six weeks due to a sprained left ankle in July, midway through this season, and although he did have a hiatus, he has displayed potential.

In particular, Bae Ji-hwan’s 23 steals exceeded Choo Shin-soo (SSG, 22) in 2010, the record for most stolen bases in a single season by a Korean big leaguer. However, the record in question last season did not become the main character of the most stolen bases among Korean players as Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres broke through first and posted the final 38 steals.

Bae Ji-hwan had a tremendous pace by recording 20 steals until June last season. However, he was disappointed with the injury. After returning from the injury, he only recorded four steals.

Bae plans to try many stolen bases that he failed to run this season and last season. In particular, following new regulations favorable to runners such as the introduction of pitch clocks, expansion of bases, and restriction on the number of pitchers in check last year, Bae has also expanded to the first base this year, and is set to try to steal faster and more bases.헤라카지노

“I’m glad that those rules (are) going to work in my favor. My biggest advantage is speed. I think they will be of great help,” Bae said.

On his goal of stealing bases this season, he said, “I will do my best. I want to become a player who can run 50 steals or 60 steals one day.”

The value of Bae Ji-hwan was even greater when looking at his detailed ability to run the bases. According to data from Baseball Servant, a major league statistics site, Bae’s sprint speed is 32.6 kilometers per hour, ranking within the top 3 percent of the Major League.

As such, getting on base is also important. Last year, Bae’s on-base percentage was 0.296, which was below .300. To increase the number of stolen bases, one must also pay attention to the on-base percentage.

In addition, recently predicted Pittsburgh’s 2024 season lineup, predicting that Bae will compete with Reverser Peguero and Nick Gonzalez for the starting second baseman position. At the time, said that Bae could play multiple positions regardless of his fast baserunning ability and second baseman or shortstop. “This season, he will have more time to play,” adding that Bae’s offense is key in this spring camp.

“Whether it is second baseman or center fielder, I think any position should basically be equipped with offensive power in the Major League,” Bae said. “I think I had many chances last season because I am a rookie. That will not work this year. I will improve so that I can secure my position in various fields including offense, defense and base.”

As for his personal goal during the offseason, he said, “I wanted to train outdoors in warm weather. Heo Il is serving as a university coach in Los Angeles. I plan to conduct outdoor training there. I plan to meet (Kang) Jung-ho and Heo Il and deal with my batting performance including swings. I will join the spring camp earlier than the players around mid-February to adjust.”

Bae Ji-hwan also expressed his welcome to Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-suk, who newly joined the Major League. “I’m always glad to see Japanese players because there are not many Asians.” He said, “I’m so glad to see so many Korean players, and I want to play with them until the end on the Major League stage because they become a stealer when they go down to the minor leagues.”

On Jan. 10, the day before his departure, he visited “Eoranwon,” a living facility for single mothers that he donated last year, and delivered goods and donations. He also had a warm time with younger members of the B Little Baseball Team in northern Daegu in December last year.

Bae Ji-hwan said, “When professional players came when I was young, it was a strong memory and it motivated me a lot,” adding, “In the case of Ae-ran-won, my wife asked me for a birthday present she wanted to receive last year, so I said she wanted me to visit the facility and donate, so I went there since last year, and I promised to go every year, so I went before leaving the country this year.”

Finally, Bae Ji-hwan said, “First of all, my big goal is not to get hurt. I don’t want to be on the injured list,” and headed to the U.S. “I want to stay on the roster all year long rather than the number of games I played.”

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