League Dramatic Survival Gangwon FC…”This season is different!”

Gangwon FC, a professional soccer team, managed to stay in the league through the promotion and promotion match last season.

It wasn’t the worst, but it was said that it was a season with a lot of regrets,

In the upcoming new season, Gangwon FC players aiming to advance above the middle of the league have tied their shoelaces again.랭크카지노


Gangwon FC players sweat hard in training, forgetting the cold in the middle of winter.

Players who finished a short break after the end of the season began training for the new season.

As head coach Yoon Jung-hwan is in place, he is determined not to repeat the slump of last season, which hovered in the relegation zone of the league.

[Yoon Jung-hwan/Director of Kangwon FC: “We went through a difficult season last year, so we just started this year so that we can stand up again…”]

The priority of the new season is to improve the score, which was low last season.

Gangwon scored only 30 goals in 38 games last season, and its average score per game was less than one.

[Han Kook-young/Gangwon FC midfielder/captain: “Last season’s scoring performance was very low, and it wasn’t just a striker’s problem, it was our team’s problem, so I think we need to make up for that.”]

The key is how to fill the gap of key players such as Kim Dae-won and Seo Min-woo, who are away from the military.

Gangwon FC recruited new players one after another, including Kim Yi-seok, Lee Sang-heon, Kim Kang-guk, and Yuta Kamiya from the Japanese J-League to reinforce their power.

[Kim Yi-seok/Gangwon FC midfielder: “My goal is to play in many games this season, and as the coach and coaching staff said, the team can challenge the top split…”]

Gangwon FC will train in Korea for the time being and will focus on boosting its basic physical strength and sense of play during the break.

After that, Gangwon FC will leave for a month’s off-season training in Turkiye from the 18th and start to harden for the new season.

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