Will KT’s first non-FA multi-year contract be made… Now it’s up to Ko Young-pyo to choose

KT began to show off its performance as a strong team by joining hands with head coach Lee Kang-chul ahead of the 2019 season. KT’s strength may have helped several players, but submarine starter Ko Young-pyo cannot be left out.헤라카지노주소

Shortly before KT joined the main league, it was selected in the first round of the 2014 Rookie of the Year draft. He is the de facto founding member. Throughout the process of his growth, he has established himself as a native ace in both name and reality to KT and the KBO League. He has achieved double-digit wins for three consecutive years starting from the 2021 season. His highest ERA in three seasons was 3.26. KT enjoyed its first championship in the 2021 season with Ko Young-pyo. When selecting a member of the national team, we cannot exclude Ko Young-pyo’s name.

He is also a symbol of KT. If he finishes this season well, he will be the first free agent in his life. From KT’s point of view, the team should not lose its flagship player. Therefore, it is natural for the team to consider signing a non-FA multi-year contract before other teams reach out.

Recently, KT and its agent Ko Young-pyo met. Ko’s agent also manages Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok, who have become major leaguers. They were busy to advance into the U.S. They also decided to solve the problem with KT.

It can be a win-win for each other. KT can also include the meaning of protecting franchise stars while keeping the starting lineup, which enables the team to continuously challenge for the championship. Ko is highly regarded not only for his ability but also for his personality. KT has reportedly proposed the maximum amount that it can give to Ko and a plan after retirement. If Ko consistently shows good performance, he will be able to challenge for the first time ever in the team.

Ko Young-pyo can concentrate on baseball more comfortably. He might be able to become an FA after this season and dream of signing a bigger contract, but recently, the KBO League does not have many teams that can invest a large amount of money prematurely due to pressure from salary cap. “I rejected KT’s offer.” There is no way to prevent a situation from happening one year later that you will regret. Depending on the performance of this season, the evaluation may change in an instant.

The last variable is whether or not Ko Young-pyo will play overseas. As a unique underhand pitcher, overseas clubs are paying attention to him. However, he is a 33-year-old college graduate this year. He is at a disadvantage in terms of his age. Now, the choice is up to Ko Young-pyo.

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