“Manipulated unreal” Yamamoto product goes over LAD starters “all 100 miles”, Dodger Stadium electronic display fire alarm!

]]It is not wrong to say that no team has made up all starting pitchers as “fire bowlers” since the late 1960s, when the five-man rotation settled in the Major League. In general, if the weight of fastballs is around 50%, the average speed is in the mid-90s, and if he has strikeout capability, he is worth seeing as a fire bowler.월카지노

The intention is that the Los Angeles Dodgers will challenge for the World Series next year by effectively completing the five-man rotation through recruitment of two players from outside this offseason. All five starters, however, are drawing attention as they all have fastballs that reach a maximum of 100 miles.

Dodgers brought Tampa Bay Rays ace Tyler Glasnow on last 16th and successfully embraced Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto on last 22nd. It added two ace pitchers at once.

Local analysis media “Fastball” predicted rotation of Dodgers for next season in order of Yamamoto (25), Glasnow (30), Walker Buehler (29), Bobby Miller (24), and Emmett Sheehan (24). There is no doubt that Yamamoto is the first starting pitcher. Let’s take a look at the arrests of these five players.

First of all, Glasnow averaged 96.4 miles in four-seam fastballs and a maximum of 99.1 miles this year. The last time he threw 100 miles was against the Los Angeles Angels on May 4, 2021. He shot 100.3 miles. His best speed was 100.9 miles, which he marked against the Baltimore Orioles in September 2020. Glasnow threw this season with a weight ratio of 43.6 percent in four-seam, 34.8 percent in slider and 21.3 percent in curveball. During 120 innings, he struck out 162 times and struck out 12.2 in nine innings. He is a typical fireballer.

Buehler received Tommy John Surgery in August last year and has been engaged in rehabilitation until this year. The maximum four-seam speed is 100.8 miles that he sprayed in September 2020. He threw a maximum of 97.8 miles against the San Francisco Giants on June 11, 2022, his last game before undergoing surgery. He has to take into account his incomplete elbow. When he posted 207 ⅔ innings and 2.47 ERA in 2021, he ranked fourth in the National League Cy Young Award, he had 212 strikeouts. Buehler, who is scheduled to join the starting rotation next year, is expected to regain his speed in the late 90s soon.

Miller is the best fireballer in the Dodgers. Since his Major League debut this year, he pitched 124 ⅓s and struck out 119 in 22 games. He has a maximum four-seam speed of 101.5 miles and an average of 99.1 miles. He threw 135 shots over 100 miles. He also recorded an average of 98.7 miles in sinker speed. The two pitches account for 48.1 percent of the time. Curves, sliders, and changeups are mixed with non-existent weight.

He, who is highly likely to be the fifth starting pitcher, threw 95.4 miles on average and 98.8 miles on fours after debuting in the Major League this year. He used 60.0 percent of his fours.

So, how fast is Yamamoto’s fastball speed? According to U.S. media, Yamamoto averaged 94 to 96 miles with the Orix Buffaloes this season and a top 99 miles. In March, early spring, he averaged 95.3 miles and a top 96.9 miles on the WBC. There is a good chance that Yamamoto will be able to speed up his speed in the Major League. 100 miles is possible.

Yamamoto’s fours are evaluated as the main weapon along with splitter and curveball. MLB.com said, “Yamamoto’s fours are compared to Kevin Gausman’s. He boasts an average 95-mile range with 14 inches longitudinal and 11 inches transverse, which is all thanks to his fastballs, which are more than positive if he settles down well in the big league. Although the height of the release point is as low as 5.4 to 5.5 feet, he is able to swing and miss well in the strike zone due to bell changes of up to 17 inches. He has a smooth and fast arm swing.”

The emphasis is placed on his smooth and fast arm swing, as he exceeds the average speed of his four-seam in the Major League (94.2 miles). In other words, chances are high that he will prove his success in the Major League as well.

Besides the five pitchers, the Dodgers also has two pitchers who are expected to return to the mound in 2025. One is Dustin May, and the other is Shohei Ohtani.

May received Tommy John Surgery in July. The preoperative four-seam speed averaged 97.3 miles and a maximum of 100.2 miles, with 60.2% of four-seam and sinkers.

Ohtani had elbow surgery last September. It’s practically Tommy John. Ohtani’s highest speed is 101.4 miles, which he took against the Houston Astros on Sept. 11, 2022. This season, he had a maximum speed of 101.2 miles and an average of 96.8 miles. It is true that his speed is likely to drop after surgery, but the Fireballer Force continues.

It is difficult to gather fireballers on purpose. It is a fabricated unrealistic situation. Starting next year, it is essential to check the starting pitcher’s ball speed in Dodgers games.

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