Yosubani ‘V-League 4th team’ is Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Walk the path of a ‘uniform collector’. Cuban wing striker Yosubani Hernandez (32) wears the fourth uniform in the professional volleyball V-League. This team is Samsung Fire & Marine.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance obtained the first overall pick in the men’s foreign player draft held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 8th, and nominated Yosbani, who played for OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group), Hyundai Capital, and Korean Air. As a result of the nomination order lottery, OK Financial Group won the first nomination, but Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was the first to be nominated as it decided to renew the contract with Leo (33).

Yosbani, who can play as both an outside hitter (left) and an opposit spiker (right), became the second most foreign player to wear a team uniform after Felipe (35, Brazil), who played for five teams. Felipe worked for KEPCO, KB Insurance, Woori Card, OK Financial Group, and Hyundai Capital. Among domestic players, Hwang Dong-il (37) has the record of playing for all 7 men’s teams.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which nominated Eddie (24, Mongolia) as the first overall pick in the Asian Quarter Draft held last month, took the opportunity to wash away the disgrace of being at the bottom (7th place) in the 2022-2023 season while holding Yosbani in his arms. Samsung Fire & Marine plans to appoint Yosubani as the left and Eddy as the right. Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “Following the Asian quota, I nominated a player that I thought about in advance in the foreign player draft. He expects to be able to change the team color to something more aggressive.”카지노사이트

Yosubani said, “I’m happy to be back in the Korean league,” and then said, “Of course, it’s difficult for the 7th-place team from the previous season to win. However, if you can achieve something difficult, the joy and excitement will be doubled.”

Next, Hyundai Capital nominated Ikbairi (27, Libya, Light), who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season, and Woori Card selected Matei Kok (27, Slovenia, left), who had no V-League experience. In addition to OK Financial Group, KB Insurance (Viyena), Korean Air (Lincoln), and Korea Electric Power (Thais) have decided to renew contracts with existing foreign players.

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