‘MVP class’ Sixers Embiid sinks Boston with 33 points… Series 3-2

Embiid, who scored 33 points and showed the dignity of an MVP, decided the team’s victory in the series.

In the 2022-23 NBA Eastern Conference semifinals held at TD Garden in Boston, USA on the morning of the 10th, the Philadelphia 76ers (hereinafter referred to as Sixers), in which Embiid played a big role, defeated the Boston Celtics (hereinafter referred to as Boston) 115-103.

Sixers ace Joel Embiid posted 33 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists on the day, and Tyrese Maxie, who ran out of control in the 4th quarter, also played an active role that was not inferior to Embiid with 30 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

From the first quarter, both teams’ strategies were clear. The Sixers used mid-range and perimeter instead of rim attacks, and Boston actively tried to break through the paint zone using White-Brown’s breakthrough.

Boston, who got the ball from the jump ball, announced the start of the game with Embiid of the Sixers and Smart of Boston each scoring three points.

In the first quarter, the Sixers, who once maintained a score gap of 20-13, took a 33-26 seven-point lead. The harden-embiid duo’s midrange continued to stick and attacked Boston’s defense.

The second quarter was no different. Turning around with a foul and active counterattack strategy, the Sixers focused on preventing breakthroughs from inside the 3-point line. It was a defense that could be seen as sagging.

Boston failed to close the score gap, missing 4 out of 17 free throws obtained from consecutive fouls. The scoreline was 58-49 by 9 points, and the Sixers maintained their lead.

After halftime, the Embiid-Harden combination attacked the midrange again. Instead of attacking the rim, Boston used the opponent’s defense strategy, with Tatum and Brown distributing the ball to players on the outskirts. 

However, this was not valid. Only 3 out of 7 3-point attempts in 3Q resulted in a score, and the score gap widened to 16 points with worse results than when focusing on rim attacks.카지노사이트

In particular, in the 3rd quarter, Embiid displayed a ‘crazy activity’, scoring 8 points through shot painting in a 1-1 with the opponent’s defense. James Harden’s free throws (3Q 7/8) also earned 7 points.

In the end, the score gap did not narrow even in the fourth quarter. On the contrary, Tyrese Maxie, who was playing well, scored 12 points in the 4th quarter and showed a 30-point game.

With four minutes left in the game, Boston put in candidates and declared garbage. At the same time, the Sixers also called Embiid to the bench.

In the end, the game ended 115-103. With this victory, the Sixers are just one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

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