Yoon Bo-sang’s confident confidence, “One-man team? One team this year.”

“It’s really different.”

 Yoon Bo-sang (30), the goalkeeper of the Seoul E-Land FC in the K-League 2, a professional football team who usually talks less, said the word “winner” out of his mouth.

 Yoon Bo-sang recently said, “During winter training, I train without a day off. I think he will make it better as much as he builds his body properly.”

 Yoon Bo-sang is a representative of Seoul E-Land. He moved last season, but has developed into a leading player. He appeared in 37 league games, and he conceded 36 goals and even blocked an incoming goal. He struggled, but his team performance was 7th. He also had no outstanding field players. Naturally, the evaluation of ‘Yoon Bo-sang’s one-man team’ came out.

 Yoon Bo-sang said, “The expression of a one-man team is good for a player. It means to evaluate your skills highly,” he said. “But this year is different. it is one team The director has changed, so the atmosphere has also changed. The discipline is strict and he explains exact instructions and roles to the players. This is the first time a team has had such a good atmosphere since his professional debut.” 토토사이트

 He continued, “It seems like an accident. The players also talk about symbiosis, not competition. ‘If the team does well, I don’t have to play a single game,’ he says. If we manage to get promoted, we have a conversation saying, ‘We will be remembered as the first member to be promoted in the history of Seoul E-Land.’ Players, coaches, coaches, and even the front desk, everyone sees one goal and goes together like water,” he boasted.

 Head coach Park Choong-gyun, the new head coach, said, “It’s the first time in the K-League,” and set a goal of 5th place to advance to the promotion playoffs.

Yoon Bo-sang said, “It is true that Kim Chun, who is evaluated as the best player this season, is strong. However, getting promoted through the playoffs is not an easy task. He is greedy as a player. I want to go up right away,” he said. “Gwangju FC, which won last year and was promoted, wrote many new records. We also have goals that we want to break. I don’t know what football will be like. I am working really hard in winter training with the players. We will do our best so that we can go to first place (in the first division),” he laughed.

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