‘I want to return to Manchester United… You’ve cleared the charges, help me!’ Initiate a secret meeting

 Correspondent Ban Jin-hyeok = A Manchester United player cleared of sexual assault charges held a secret meeting.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 19th that “Mason Greenwood had a secret meeting with his Manchester United colleagues after the charges were dropped.”

He added, “Greenwood met with his Manchester United colleagues to hear their opinions on his return.” 메이저놀이터

Greenwood was investigated by the police on charges related to sexual assault. This is because a woman known as her girlfriend claimed she was sexually assaulted when she posted pictures and videos of her on social media.

Greenwood was later arrested and questioned by the police. Manchester United have ruled out training and matches until the incident is resolved.

Greenwood was recently acquitted by the court due to the dropping of the charges. This is a situation where a return to Manchester United is possible.

However, as the atmosphere against the joining of a player suspected of a crime was strongly detected, United fell into trouble.

It is known that Manchester United is looking at the sponsor’s notice over whether to return to Greenwood and plans to listen to the opinions of the players.

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